JQB Progress

I am slowly making progress with my JQB blocks. I try to fit them in when I have a couple of hours to sit at the sewing machine, uninterrupted.

JQB #7 Yamato kasuri igeta jūji (Yamato well curb cross)


JQB #8 Meisen hana (Meisen silk flower)




JQB #9 Kurume kasuri tōfu mon (White square pattern)


JQB #10 Kurume kasuri kumitate ichimatsu (One-square check structure)


JQB #11 Kurume kasuri igeta jūji (Kurume well curb cross)


JQB #12 Yosegi jūji masu (Cross squares)


#12 had an error in the pattern so I had to add a patch to the middle rectangle. If you’re making this block, cut the big middle rectangle 1/2″ longer than the pattern says.

JQB #13 Yosegi kōshi tsunagi (Lined check)


I totally recommend this book. It has a ton of cool blocks & depending on your fabric choices they can look vastly different.

Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix & Match

Birthday Bags


Recently a customer contacted me. I had custom made a bunch of make-up rolls for her and she thought of me when it came time to make her daughter’s birthday special. How exciting for me!

The idea for the birthday party was for the girls to go on a scavenger hunt. They would receive clues that would lead them to little prizes. They would be going in and out of local businesses and would need something to tote their goodies in.


So she came to me with the idea of drawstring backpacks. Simple and perfect.

I wasn’t sure I could find enough yardage for the drawstrings or the hardware under the tight deadline but I did.


I gave her a few choices of fabric groups and she choose Patty Young’s Sanctuary. I had bought at least one yard of every print in the cool colorway with deluded dreams of making myself a king size quilt. I’m secretly glad to pass along the fabrics in another way so i don’t have to feel so bad about not making that quilt.

Sanctuary is shirting fabric, so it’s a little lighter than a quilting cotton and too light for the drawstring bags so I lined each bag with white quilting cotton to give it some heft.

I think they turned out great and I hear they were a hit with the birthday girl!

Dizzy Geese Quilt

I finished my Dizzy Geese quilt over the summer, just in time for my Old Lady Quilt Guild quilt show.

I gave you a little taste of Dizzy Geese here. When I showed you my tiniest block, less than three inches!

Well, here I am with the finished quilt at the show.

I really like paper-piecing, it’s so easy & the seams come out perfectly every time. (As long as you sew the correct line. I had a few mess-ups along the way) I also love the super tiny pieces!

I think eventually I’d like to add some hand quilted circles with embroidery floss in pink, blue & green but I’m sure that will never actually come to fruition. A girl can dream…

Fabrics: Patty Young’s Flora & Fauna line for the geese, Kona Charcoal for the background & Paula Prass Summer Soiree for the binding and some geese.