A Change of Pace

Things have been turned around a bit around here, my Grandma was in an accident. She’s been banged up and needs help 24/7, that’s where I come in.

I’ve moved in with her to help her out while she recovers. Boy am I tired. Taking care of an elderly relative is probably a lot like taking care of a new baby. I am sleep deprived, she gets up throughout the night & so do I. I need to learn to take naps during the day when she does!

Anyway, while she was in rehab for her injuries I made her a little mug rug and some bunting to brighten things up in that sterile environment. The mug rug came in handy and I think the bunting is quite cute.

(Crappy night time iPhone photo)

(Crappy day time iPhone photo of where the bunting now resides.)

She had me rearranging furniture yesterday to accomodate my sewing machine. We will have to make room for her machine up here too when she’s feeling a bit better, she won’t be down in her sewing room for awhile.

Mug Rug

All summer long my beverages have been sweating all over my sewing table. I knew I wanted to make myself a mug rug but just never felt inspired to actually do it. Lately Amanda (Mrs. McPorkchop) had been inspiring me, posting her mug rug photos on twitter. (You know how much I love twitter!) Her mug rugs are so pretty & she’s been making an effort to use up some of her scraps, something I should concentrate on as well.

Inspired by Amanda I sewed up my own scrappy mug rug late one night. I obviously didn’t have enough lights on because I have some batting showing through. Can you spot it? I’ll have to applique something to cover up the hole.

I also practiced machine stitched binding. I am not good at that! I kept the white thread because I didn’t feel like changing it. It really sticks out but that’s okay.

I am so happy to have this thing. It’s so pretty & keeps my table from having puddles on it. Why the heck did I wait so long to make myself a mug rug?! (Mug rugs are way better than coasters.)

I also spent a good chunk of time going through my fabric stash & cutting little squares for my hexagons. Yup, I’m still working on those. I now have a nice pile of squares to be sewn up.

I also pulled a few fabrics for a destashing in my shop eventually. It’s really hard for me to let go of fabrics. I always think this might be the perfect fabric for a project in the future. Yeah right, Jaclyn. Let it go, you don’t want to end up on Hoarders!