BQF Fall 2010 – Always With A Book Quilt

Can you believe it is already time for Bloggers’ Quilt Festival again? I really love this virtual quilt show. Thanks Amy for all of your hard work!

A while back I mentioned a super secret quilt I had started. As it seems all of my projects go these days, it was started, then shoved into my WIP drawer for months. It was a housewarming gift that I didn’t want to ship because I knew eventually we would visit the actual house it would live in.

After months in the WIP drawer I whipped it out, we were visiting it’s future home soon!

BF’s sister and brother-in-law bought a new house and we were finally going to visit. BF’s sister is a prolific reader. If you are ever looking for a good book recommendation visit her blog, Always With a Book, she reviews everything she reads. It’s a really great blog.

I had seen bookshelf quilts around and thought that would be a perfect pattern. I cut strips of varying height and width then laid them out on the design board then added the white background. If you are in a super hurry you could machine applique the books onto the background fabric & could easily have the top finished in a few hours.

I had three rows of books pieced and I knew I wanted it bigger but I couldn’t decide if I should add another row of books then boarders or just make bigger boarders. Yet again, I turned to twitter for help. (Seriously, I am way more interesting over there.) Jenny was still up with me and gave me the permission I was secretly hoping for to go the easy route, big borders. I am so happy with that decision, they look great and it took a heck of a lot less time to do!

I put myself in a bit of a time crunch, (I see a pattern emerging), so I stippled. I like beautiful, imaginative quilting but I don’t see anything wrong with a little all-over stippling every now & then. I love the crinkly-ness after the quilt is washed, nothing compares to stippling & it’s crinkles.

I finally finished the binding on the last day of our visit. The recipients kept asking questions while I sat in their house binding this quilt but I gave noncommittal answers.

When BF’s sister unfolded the quilt and finally saw the design she exclaimed,’ it looks like books!’ Yup, it does.

I used one of my favorite Ikea fabrics for the backing. I didn’t even have to piece it! (Time saved.) I think the backing is perfect for a housewarming gift. What do you think?

BF & I stopped by Ikea on the way home to pick up more of that fabric but they were out. If anyone spots some at their Ikea, let me know, I’d love someone to pick some up for me!

Oh, by the way, I used some of my Essex linen for the first time & I love it!

If you are new here, thanks for stopping by! If you have yet to check out the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival, check it out, there are hundreds of awesome quilts linked up.

Bloggers Quilt Festival Spring 2010

I know, I’m totally late to the party! I have known BQF was coming but I didn’t have a quilt to show. I was planning on having my Dizzy Geese quilt finished but I ran out of some bits & that hasn’t happened. So on the evening of May 20th (yeah, the day before BQF started) I decided instead of finishing one of the SIX WIP/UFO’s I currently have going, I needed to start a new quilt just for this occasion. Well, it’s finally finished and I still have a couple of days to spare before BQF closes. Nice.

Once I had made the decision to start something new my eyes darted around my sewing room desperately seeking inspiration, landing first on my stash.

Oh, these would look great together…

Way too many fabrics, I’m thinking mini quilt here…

Ahh, yes. Perfect.

Now a design…let’s check this book out, it may have something cool…

I don’t knit really, so this just lives on the shelf.

This would be really good for fussy cutting those super cute Munki Munki vans. Perfect.

Then I got to piecing and this mini quilt turned into a baby quilt. Oops.

Yeah, behind it are 2 of my WIP/UFO’s. I’m just layering it all on the design board. haha

I played around with how many van blocks I would use and edited the layout a couple of times. I liked the negative space on the bottom left corner & thought it needed a van in the middle.

Then the fun part, quilting. I started with this…

Inspired by this pillow.

I didn’t want to stipple the rest & I couldn’t find an all-over pattern that I liked. So I got crazy…

Really crazy….

And couldn’t stop…

As wonky and not perfect as the quilting is, I love it! I think it is super cute.

I’m in love with this little quilt!!

Here’s the back…

And my cute little spoonflower label!

Some stats for you

  • Measures 32.5″ x 41″
  • Solids: Kona Grass, Charcoal, Med Gray
  • Munki Munki vans
  • Stripe: Prints Charming Follow Your Imagination from Free Spirit

You can check out my next post here for more photos of the quilting.

Make sure you tell Amy I said hello & thank her for putting on such a great event!! Don’t forget to check out all of the other great quilts in the Bloggers Quilt Festival!

May Giveaway Day Winners!!


We have winners!!

Here are some fun facts about the giveaway comments:


  • The most popular dog name: some variation of Sam
  • Tons of dogs, living, dead, imaginary, even a little boy who pretends to be a dog 🙂
  • A good number of cats
  • 2 Birds, 2 Rabbits, 2 Donkeys, some fish & about 5 chickens!

Favorite fabrics/designers right now:

  • Anna Maria Horner
  • Little Folks
  • Heather Ross
  • Far Far Away 2
  • Aster Manor

Elephants were preferred over Roller Skates 63 to 42.

39 Crazies who can actually keep their scissors away from their Munki Munki’s. (Who knew there were so many of you out there?!)

Okay, what you really came here for…the WINNERS!!!

Drum roll please……

Roller Skates winner:

Shelly Potter on May 17, 2010 at 10:36 pm said:  yay! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Elephants winner:

benbel on May 20, 2010 at 1:12 am said:  just hope they are large enough! (hee)

I did use to draw names. I have no idea how to get the image into my post so you’ll just have to trust me 😉

Thank you everyone who stopped by and entered. I really had so much fun reading all of the comments and blog hopping as well.

To those of you who follow, THANK YOU! I hope you will (or will continue to) enjoy reading my posts!

Tomorrow starts Bloggers’ Quilt Festival and my quilt isn’t done yet! Better get going….