Japanese Quilt Blocks (JQB)

BF bought me this awesome book for Christmas.


Inspired by Amanda’s Neutrals Quilt and Farmer’s Wife Quilt-a-Long, I decided I would make a neutrals JQB quilt.


I have been tweeting and instagraming photos of the blocks as I make them. Here is what I have so far.

JQB #1 Yosegi nikuzushi (Simple pairs)
This one I made a little scrappy because all I could see when looking at this block was a swastika & I’m totally not into that!

JQB #2 Yosegi gokuzshi (Simple fives)

JQB #3 Yosegi kawari nikuzushi (Simple pairs variation)
I love how striking this one is in black & white.

JQB #4 Hirasan kuzushi (Simple three lines form)
The Alexander Henry fabric makes this one creepy…and I like it.

JQB #5 Kurume kasuri igeta (Kurume well curb)

JQB #6 Yamato kasuri igeta (Yamato well curb)
I really like this one too, even though the double gauze makes it a little wobbly.


The book has a few sashiko blocks too. Sashiko is perfect for on-the-go handwork! I’ve drawn up #85 Raimon (Spiral) so I can pull it out & work on it whenever I have a few spare minutes. Oh, and I’m using sparkly floss!!


Sunday Stash #10

Yesterday I went to my first New England Modern Quilt Guild meeting and I had a blast. It is really fun to hang out with other like-minded people and everyone was so sweet.

Shelly did a couple of demonstrations. We learned a great technique for circle piecing, 6 minute circles using a tutorial from HGTV. After watching Shelly make such pretty circles so easily I think I may be tempted to try some myself! After circles Shelly demonstrated hexagon piecing using jaybird quilts tutorials.

Shelly also brought door prizes & I won a queen size wool batting! Woohoo!! I’m excited to try wool batting, also a bit frightened.

After show & tell and Shelly’s demonstrations we headed over to Fabric Corner for some shopping. Mark’s store was awesome, so many things to tempt me with! If only I had a shop like this near me, I could save a bunch of cash on shipping! Wanna see what I came home with?

From left to right:

  • White shirting fabric from Robert Kaufman. I plan on making BF a dress shirt at some point, he’s a weird size so it’s hard to find of the shelf stuff for him.
  • Hello! from Alexander Henry. I love this print!
  • Hop Dot from Nicey Jane by Heather Bailey for Free Spirit. I’m really into this color, it’s a really weird yellow.
  • Zebe from Alexander Henry. This fabric feels so nice, it’s very similar to a lawn, lovely.  It would make a really great dress, but that’s not going to happen.
  • Mingle from Monaluna for Robert Kaufman. For my orange collection I’m working on.
  • Brick Path from Woodland Delight by Paula Prass for Michael Miller. One of the ladies at the meeting had a bag made from this fabric, I’m easily influenced.
  • Frogs on lily pads from Far, Far Away by Heather Ross. *Squeal* They also had blue unicorns. Score!
  • Baby Bouquet from Little Folks by Anna Maria Horner. At least three of us picked up some of this beautiful voile, I took the end of the bolt. It’s enough for a dress – which probably won’t happen.

It’s not my fault, they were having a sale!

Can’t wait for the next meeting!! I better get quilting, I’ll need something for show & tell.

Happy Birthday Morgan!

BF’s niece Morgan, recently turned four! I asked my twitter friends for gift idea help. I have no idea what is appropriate for a four year old.

Benita suggested felt food. What a fun idea! She sent me a fantastic link that had tons of felt food tutorials. (You must check out Benita’s site! She has a bazillion free quilt block patterns and a lot of other great resources. Check her out!)

I don’t have a felting needle thing-a-ma-bob so I had to sew all of the food by hand. I had to vastly cut down on the different items I was planning on making because the sewing took a bit longer than I expected. I’m sure if I had proper felting equipment things would have progressed much faster.

I made ravioli,

farfalle with spinach,

and cupcakes! (I couldn’t figure out the frosting, it just looked weird, so I left that out.)

There were so many others I wanted to try out but my felt supply/colors is very limited.

The food while fun, didn’t look substantial enough so I decided Morgan would surely need a chef’s hat and apron to wear while cooking. These I didn’t use a tutorial for these, I just winged it.

I figured four year olds probably won’t be tying bows behind their necks so I used elastic for a quick slip-over-the-head-no-help-from-mom application. Four year olds probably would have a hard time tying around the waist as well. So I fashioned a one strap around the back velcro in the front. I think it works well.

The chef’s hat was super easy. One long rectangle connected to a big circle, ta-dah chef hat! I used velcro for the hat as well, so it can be adjusted to fit.

Looks like Morgan’s little brother Jimmy loves them too!

Too cute!