JQB Progress

I am slowly making progress with my JQB blocks. I try to fit them in when I have a couple of hours to sit at the sewing machine, uninterrupted.

JQB #7 Yamato kasuri igeta jūji (Yamato well curb cross)


JQB #8 Meisen hana (Meisen silk flower)




JQB #9 Kurume kasuri tōfu mon (White square pattern)


JQB #10 Kurume kasuri kumitate ichimatsu (One-square check structure)


JQB #11 Kurume kasuri igeta jūji (Kurume well curb cross)


JQB #12 Yosegi jūji masu (Cross squares)


#12 had an error in the pattern so I had to add a patch to the middle rectangle. If you’re making this block, cut the big middle rectangle 1/2″ longer than the pattern says.

JQB #13 Yosegi kōshi tsunagi (Lined check)


I totally recommend this book. It has a ton of cool blocks & depending on your fabric choices they can look vastly different.

Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix & Match

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