Japanese Quilt Blocks (JQB)

BF bought me this awesome book for Christmas.


Inspired by Amanda’s Neutrals Quilt and Farmer’s Wife Quilt-a-Long, I decided I would make a neutrals JQB quilt.


I have been tweeting and instagraming photos of the blocks as I make them. Here is what I have so far.

JQB #1 Yosegi nikuzushi (Simple pairs)
This one I made a little scrappy because all I could see when looking at this block was a swastika & I’m totally not into that!

JQB #2 Yosegi gokuzshi (Simple fives)

JQB #3 Yosegi kawari nikuzushi (Simple pairs variation)
I love how striking this one is in black & white.

JQB #4 Hirasan kuzushi (Simple three lines form)
The Alexander Henry fabric makes this one creepy…and I like it.

JQB #5 Kurume kasuri igeta (Kurume well curb)

JQB #6 Yamato kasuri igeta (Yamato well curb)
I really like this one too, even though the double gauze makes it a little wobbly.


The book has a few sashiko blocks too. Sashiko is perfect for on-the-go handwork! I’ve drawn up #85 Raimon (Spiral) so I can pull it out & work on it whenever I have a few spare minutes. Oh, and I’m using sparkly floss!!

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