Hadley’s Baby Quilt

So, funny story, my friend named her kid after my dog.

Okay, maybe that’s not exactly how the story goes…

My friend Lizzy’s daughter and my dog do have the same name but, I’m pretty sure she found that out after she fell in love with the name. I must agree, Hadley is a pretty great name.

Anyway, new baby means new quilt right?


I have been trying to use fabrics from my stash instead of buying new stuff. That’s hard for me to do but I managed to use all stash fabric for this little baby quilt.

I took my inspiration from a photo Lizzy posted on Facebook of Hadley’s nursery.


I love that mirror and lately I’ve been attempting a lot of machine appliqué. It seems to be a quick way to make a big impact.

I wanted a cute print inside the frame and choose A Far Far Away print from Heather Ross. I cut out one of the repeats and sashed it with white. I used the size of the print to determine the size and shape of the frame.

Armed with my inspiration photo and a roll of freezer paper I started drawing. I drew my rendition of the mirror’s frame and cut it out.


I ironed my template on to some pretty pink voile and trimmed the negative space.



Then sprayed the frame with that quilty adhesive spray & stuck it on the quilt top. I started zig-zagging….. And zig-zagging…… And zig-zagging….

Voile is not the easiest fabric to appliqué. I almost zig-zagged my fingers a few times. (I need one of the purple thangs. That’s what their called, have you seen them? I need one.)


I needed this quilt done fast because I tend to wait ’till the last minute for my projects. Procrastination = zero thought in actual quilting design. I went with quick stipple in the background. I was going for echo quilting within the frame…it went horribly wrong. I didn’t have time to re-do, so that’s how it stayed. Oh well.


The quilt was well received and I think it’s pretty darn cute.


I backed it with AMH voile. Luxe!


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