Busy Summer

This summer has been eventful!

June 1st I became a storm chaser trying to get home from work & came face to face with a tornado. That tornado tore through Massachusetts and devastated many families. Luckily, our home was spared any damage, while our neighbors weren’t so lucky.


A couple of weeks later my Mom had a conference in Washington, DC. My sister & I tagged along.


At the end of June, I hit a milestone while on a boat. BF & I went on a cruise to celebrate my 30th birthday! Strangely, it was our first real vacation by ourselves. (We’ve been together for almost 8 yrs,)


Then BF’s Mom returned home after two years in the Peace Corps.


That same weekend we went to the Long Island Philharmonic concert in the park with a bunch of BF’s family.


Next up was a party to meet our niece, BF’s god daughter, Addison.


In July we drove to Nova Scotia for BF’s cousin’s wedding.


On the way home we stopped at the Bay of Fundy, which touts the highest tides in the world.


In August we went to NY again, this time for our friends Mike & Megan’s engagement party.


Next it was off to NH for BF’s brother’s wedding.


Then rushed home to batten down the hatches for Huricane Irene’s arrival. We were spared yet again, only a few trees & small amour of flooding near us & we lost power for about a day. We passed the hours without technology by playing my new favorite game, Bananagrams.


Somewhere in there I attended a few wedding & baby showers, found out at least three more friends are having babies and squeezed in the tinniest bit of sewing.

I’ve been making a bunch of diaper clutches.





I’ve also finished at least one quilt that I can remember & a few blocks for another but that’s for another post!

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