Magnetic Snap Tip

Magnetic Snap Tip

I always thought cutting the slits for magnetic snaps was a pain in the butt. I usually spent too much time searching for my X-acto knife or butchering fabric with scissors. That is until I had a light bulb moment & I’m going to share it with you!


Use the washer to mark the slits you need to cut. Make sure you mark the whole length of the slit.

Get out your seam ripper! Insert the point at the end of one of the lines drawn.

Poke the seam ripper back up through the fabric at the opposite end of the drawn line, like you are hand sewing.


Push the seam ripper through, cutting the fabric.

Voila, perfect slits! Easy-peasy! What do you think?

(I poked the snap through the wrong way just to show the slits.)

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