Notes From Home Advent Calendar

(You can see Gram’s tie-dyed cast.)

I’ve probably told you before, BF’s mom is currently in the Peace Corps and it’s that time of year again when it’s time to send presents.

In addition to a few DVD’s to keep her occupied during the cold winter nights in Eastern Europe I decided to make her an advent calendar.

Last year after the holidays I bought a few yards of Sherri Berry Christmas fabric on sale. I planned (plan?) on making myself a cute new tree skirt with them. I was a little torn because I had plans for that fabric in my head but to be honest, I knew that project wouldn’t come to fruition for a long time.

I asked my Twitter friends for tutorial suggestions which some how turned into me writing my own tutorial. I drew up the pattern and attempted to write down step-by-step what I did. I’m not sure I will post the tute, I haven’t quite worked out a way to get my point across clearly & succinctly.

I have asked BF’s brothers, sisters, aunt, uncles, nieces and nephews to write a quick note to BF’s mom. I printed the notes and stuffed them in each pocket. So everyday from Dec 1 to Dec 25 BF’s mom will read a note from her loved ones at home.

I’m still with Gram 24/7 taking care of her and her two broken legs so I don’t have all of my sewing supplies handy. I didn’t have any thread to match the house fabric or the tree fabrics and I didn’t want to have ivory thread all over so I left all of that mostly un-quilted. I did a little stitch in the ditch quilting around the house square and the tree. I figure it’s a wall-hanging that won’t need to be washed much so it would be alright if I didn’t totally quilt it up.

I machine appliqued the star and used a back stitch with red embroidery floss to add the numbers to the pockets.

I am horrible at making hanging sleeves so I decided to sew four tabs into the binding for hanging.

I think it’s pretty cool that my quilt is traveling thousands of miles. (Labeling a quilt is one of my least favorite things & they are usually an afterthought, if they make it on at all.)

I’m very excited to get away for a week. We are going to the Jersey Shore. *fist pumps* It’s just far enough away to feel like we are going away. We will freeze to death walking on the beach, win millions at the casino, eat lots of turkey, and celebrate BF’s big 30th birthday. It should be fun!

After I get back I will be teaching an 8 year-old girl to quilt. She wants to make quilts for her American Doll. Spread the craftiness!!

One day my photos will be amazing. I keep telling myself that. Santa, if you’re reading, I wouldn’t be sad to receive a dslr. Oh, and some daylight. HA!

Fabrics: Kona Ivory, Lemon & Grass Green. Sherri Berry. A random Christmas FQ. Kaffe shot cotton.

One thought on “Notes From Home Advent Calendar

  1. Jackie: The advent quilt looks great, as I knew it would. What a great gift for mom – thanks so much for putting this together and allowing us to contribute!

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