World Cup Hexagon Month Winners!

The last month has flown by for me. (Maybe you figured that out from my lack of blogging!)

Yesterday was the final game of the World Cup. Spain won their first ever World Cup! Congratulations Spain!!

World Cup Hexagon Month has also come to a close. That means it’s time to announce the winners!

Robyn of Coffee & Cotton will be receiving the Moda petit fours. Robyn is also hosting sport inspired quilt-a-long on her blog, check it out!

Valkryie66 is getting the Dream On charm pack!

While I was going through my scrap bag for my hexagons I made a pile of matching bits that I’ll also be giving away….to Bree of me and my 2 guys!

Thank you to everyone who participated in World Cup Month Hex-a-long. I hope it inspired you try hexagons or to finish some that you have been wanting to get done. I managed to make 270 hexagons done in the past month. Woohoo!

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