Giveaway Day Keeps On Giving

I have a couple more giveaway day goodies to report!

First, I was lucky enough to win the giveaway at Butzelmännchen. I received this beautiful notebook quite awhile ago, I hope Anja can excuse my tardy thank you. Thank you for your generosity Anja! Everything is so lovely!!

Check it out, the notebook is filled with graph paper pages! Perfect for sketching quilt designs. Yay!

I’ve already put it to good use! I can’t show you the design in the photo, it’s not quite ready.

Anja was also generous enough to send these lovely vintage ribbons. I am looking for the perfect project to use them.


Anja popped some gummy candies in the envelope from as well. You can’t see those though, they were eaten long ago!

Thank you Anja! I love everything.


As a result of the comments on her Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day post Bree from meandmy2guys put together a fun international fat quarter swap. The idea was to swap a fat quarter of fabric designed by a local designer with someone across the globe. Fun right?

I wanted to find a designer as local as possible so I bought some of Melissa Averino’s (of Yummy Goods fame) Sugar Snap line. Melissa lives on Cape Cod. Same state only a couple of hours away, that’s pretty local.

Sugar Snap sort of reminds me of the ’80’s. Remember these things?

Bree was my swap partner. Look what she sent.

Fabulous Australian fabric designed by Donna Abbots.

3 thoughts on “Giveaway Day Keeps On Giving

  1. Oh, I just found your posting! So happy that you like everything and I’m really excited that you are already using it for your crafts!


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