You Must Try This

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A few days (weeks?) ago on Twitter one of my tweeps tweeted a link about cold brewed iced coffee made in mason jars sans electricity/heat and I made a mental note to try it out.

So this week when my mental note made itself known again, I went searching for that tweet. I couldn’t remember who sent the tweet, I searched a few timelines I thought may have been responsible without success. Of course I didn’t ‘mark’ that particular tweet. Ugh.

I then proceeded to Google. I wanted the exact blog post, because it sounded delightful and it looked pretty. I loved the notion of the daughter running a mason jar full of coffee out to the driveway where her mother was waiting on her way to work. I didn’t want an imposter.

I had to enter in a ton of different search words, finally I ended up with a 10 word search that included quite a few +’s. Finally I found it. Eureka! (Here is a NY Times article singing the praises of cold brewed coffee I found while searching the elusive blog post, if you’re interested.)

In our house the mason jars are filled with grape jelly from last years grapes save for a few pint-sized ones so I brewed in plastic food containers. Definitely not as pretty. I worried about the coffee staining the plastic, making all of the food placed in the containers afterward smell/taste like coffee. Yuck.

I decided I needed more mason jars. I went to Twitter again and asked my tweeps where I could buy some. Rebecca, Melanie and Deborah all came to my rescue and suggested places to find mason jars, True Value & the grocery store near the pickles.

I tried True Value first. I forget to think of them when I’m in need of things but they are such a great little shop. The people who own and work at my True Value are the nicest people! I need to stop in more. They had the pints and the quarts, I bought the giant quarts. They are so pretty. I’m already envisioning them filled with pasta sauce made from tomatoes grown in my garden. Yum.

Back to the coffee. Yes, it is delicious. Yes, it is less acidic than hot brewed coffee, deliciously smooth. Yes, you need to try it. No more drive-thru iced coffee for me. Did I hear my wallet just sigh with relief?

I brewed a ton! So when a friend of mine called later that day and said she would be driving through and would like to meet for lunch I bottled up some for her. Sometimes I make stuff up, okay, a lot of times. This time around I decided that Diana liked hazelnut coffee, not the case, french vanilla. Darn. Doesn’t everyone like what I like? No? Oh.

Deciding Diana needed to try my cold brewed hazelnut coffee concentrate I poured some into a pint-sized ball canning jar and gussied it up with a little fabric. Of course.

Wouldn’t you know, Patty Young’s Mezzanine Stained Glass Windows have medallions that are perfectly sized for the job. I didn’t have time to find ribbon but how lovely?! Too bad Diana didn’t get to experience such beautiful, delicious coffee. Her loss. Maybe next time she’ll like what I like!


One thought on “You Must Try This

  1. Thanks for the iced coffee recipe!! And I always wonder…..why didn’t I think of that?
    What size are you hexies……are you paper piecing?…..did I just not read far enough?

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