Can’t Get a Finish!

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I don’t know what’s going on around here lately but I can’t finish a project for anything!

Last night I was so close to completing all of my blocks for my Dizzy Geese quilt. Three sizes to go but I don’t have them printed out. (Paper piecing) In order to print them out I would have to fire up the scanner, scan them three times, one for each size. Then run downstairs fire up the computer down there, because my scanner/printer-thingy up here is out of ink. The computer downstairs is ancient & takes for-ev-er to do anything. I did not feel like doing that, it was late.

I have my ticker tape quilt to do. That would require me to pick up the floor & vacuum so I can roll it out. SO not going to happen.

The super secret {possible} gift quilt – That’s been staring at me from the design board for a while. I just gave it a dirty look and kept looking.

My Barcelona quilt – far too late to work on that. My brain was just not going to cooperate for that.


I started something new. Doh.

Don’t worry it was a quick project that I was able to FINISH last night! Yay!

I bought some of the Echino Ni-co cameras – love them! My sister is an aspiring photographer (who I hope doesn’t read this blog!) and her birthday is in July. Yeah, I have a few weeks to think about that but this was the perfect project for tonight.

Oh, you’re still reading? Really? Thanks! For your reward, the photos….

I think my sister is going to love it! As long as I can remember I have it when her birthday rolls around. Until then I have to hide it.

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