The Old Ladies Turn 10

I’ve mentioned a couple times that I belong to what I call, ‘the old lady quilt guild‘. Well, this past Sunday our monthly meeting was also our 10th anniversary celebration.

One of the members invited the Singing Quilter, Cathy Miller to perform. I admit that when I heard a woman clad in a quilted vest and guitar in hand, would be singing songs about quilting I said to myself, this can’t be good. I couldn’t be more wrong. Yes, she’s kitschy and campy, but if you are a quilter Cathy’s songs will definitely make you laugh.

I’m not sure if that youtube video is showing up so here’s the link to the video.

If you buy so much fabric that you have to hide it from your husband in all corners of the house, the Singing Quilter has your theme song. She has a song inspired by slasher movies in it she uses various quilt blocks like the anvil, streak of lightning, and bear’s paw to tell the story. She’s even making a pattern for the quilt that goes with that song.

While traveling all over the world performing Cathy quilts in the car & at hotels. Here are a few of her beautiful quilts.

This one is zillions of paper-pieced hexagons – 1/4″ per side hexagons! Insane.

They are just the cutest little hexagons. Seeing this quilt (it’s not done yet, a few rows left) makes me want to give those super tiny hexagons a try. I’m loving tiny piecing right now….

(Stretched it a bit when pressing, stitches are showing 😦 It is tough to get all of those seams to lay flat.)

…see! This will be the smallest I will make for my Dizzy Geese quilt. (I think, I may be able to go a little smaller but they are getting pretty bulky with all of the seam allowance in there.) It measures 2 3/8″. I am hoping to get this quilt done this week. I will be excited to move on from piecing to the actual quilting stage.

2 thoughts on “The Old Ladies Turn 10

  1. That song is so funny, and so true!

    I started a Grandmothers flower garden (the hexagon thingy) last year. Its still a work in progress. I make the flowers at my kids soccer practice!

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