We Have Fleas

It’s that week in May again when the Fleas invade our sleepy little Massachusetts towns hauling their junk for a week-long wheeling & dealing fest. Our roads, hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts, restaurants, gas stations and empty fields are filled to capacity.

Flour sack with label still attached

Growing up just three miles from the hustle & bustle of the Brimfield Flea Market, I have never been fond of the event. It means I can’t go to the places I normally do unless I have all day to do so. It means I have to drive miles & many minutes out of my way to get anywhere. Unless you are shopping, the flea market is a huge hassle.

Yes, I do realize the benefits for the town and surrounding towns & businesses but let’s be real, this is about me, and the horror stories of crazy things that happen when the fleas are in town! What these stories might be totally exaggerated like a game of telephone being passed from on resident to the next? No. However, with the population of Brimfield and the surrounding towns multiplying three weeks a year, it does make for a lot of congestion and hassle.

But….if you are looking for anything, I mean ANYTHING, you will find it within the two-mile stretch that is the Brimfield Flea Market. You may have to work hard to find it, but rest assured someone in one of those tents has what you want. There are tents filled with junk and there are tents filled with priceless antiques.

Vintage Cameras

Vintage Pyrex

If you are into antiques at all you have probably heard of the Brimfield Flea Market (or Brimfield Antique Show as those who like to fancy things up say). Here’s a bare bones rundown of the flea market if you are unfamiliar. Three times each year, May, July, & September, vendors and shoppers descend on the tiny town of Brimfield in central Massachusetts. The week-long affair takes place along a two-mile stretch of road. Hundreds (thousands?) of tents are erected in the many fields (generally the front, side & back yards of people who live along the route).

Tiny Vintage Singer Sewing Machine

There have been quite a few TV shows that have come to Brimfield and done stories on the flea market (Antiques Roadshow on PBS, among many others). Brimfield has been written up in magazines, I can think of Martha & Oprah’s magazines making mention. We’re famous.

Famous people drop by to shop all of the time. I am pretty sure I have heard that Denyse Schmidt has even stopped by. (I may have made that up, but I don’t think I did.) Maybe this is where she found her inspiration for some of her fabrics??!


BF likes to walk around and check things out. He sort of has a penchant for old crap & he didn’t grow up around here so he hasn’t been tainted with bad experiences. He suggested we go walk around and check things out, so we did.

Cute town scene!

I had visions of amazing feedsacks at amazingly low prices dancing in my head, I think he took advantage.

Love this one! Great color combo!!

Vintage quilts. These were only $30 each. I didn’t open them, but they looked in good condition. The vendor had hung one up, it was probably about a lap size, hand quilted. Good deal!

I did pick up a few little bits.

Silk scarf. Looks like it was hand painted. It’s huge and it only cost a buck!

This apron. I am pretty sure this is not vintage at all but it’s fun & only cost $5.

I also splurged on these little bits of fabric. I loved the fabrics pictured above but I didn’t buy them. I only carried $20, I knew I could get crazy if I let myself.

You know I love my gray!

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