Giveaway Day!!

Sew Mama Sew is hosting Giveaway Day again! Yay!

I had so much fun blog hopping last time (I even won something!). When I heard Sew Mama Sew was hosting another giveaway day I had to get in on the giving!

I must warn you though, participating in Giveaway Day will cause side effects including:

  • Discovering TONS of fantastic blogs which will result in increased blog subscriptions
  • You will lose tons of time exploring all of the blog-y eye candy. Seriously, expect late nights because you will be unable to walk away from the computer. What pretty things are hidden in the next link?
  • Squealing with delight at the computer screen when you see the goodies all of the generous bloggers are giving away.

You have been warned!

On to the good stuff…

Everyone knows two is better than one, so I have two prizes for you.

First up: Munki Munki Elephants, Women’s Large Shirred Shirt & Pant set

How cute are these little guys?!! Eeek

Second: Munki Munki Roller Skates, Women’s Large Capri & Cami set.

(Sorry, I didn’t feel like ironing)

I’m sending out the full sets on the off-chance you are one of those weirdos that actually wears your Munki Munki instead of cutting it up πŸ˜‰

How can you enter? You may enter any or all of the following ways: (Remember separate comments for each)

  • Comment on this post. Any old comment will do. Maybe you’d like to tell me which prize you prefer, maybe you would like to tell me your current favorite fabric, maybe your dog’s name, whatever.
  • Subscribe to my blog then leave me a separate comment letting me know you’re a subscriber. (Feel free to look around!)
  • Follow me on twitter & tweet about my giveaway then come back & leave another comment with your twitter name so I can keep track.

Other details:

  • Giveaway will be open until May 20, 2010
  • The giveaway is open to everyone, where ever you are. I am happy to ship internationally.
  • Goodies will be shipped by May 24th
  • Winners will be chosen using
  • You may only win one prize, I want to spread the happiness around.
  • Please make sure you leave a valid e-mail address so I can track you down!

Good Luck!! Happy Blog Hopping!

*** Comments are now closed. I am in the middle of working on a mini quilt so winners probably won’t be announced until the morning.Β  ***

330 thoughts on “Giveaway Day!!

  1. omg i would love to get those ❀
    whoever is getting it is so lucky to wear such a cute thing ❀

  2. oh i and i loved the first set fabric more ❀ its the cutest ever … but all are cute still πŸ˜€

    good luck everyone

  3. I would love to wear those elephant Munki Munki pj’s! Your giveaway is very generous. Please stop by my blog and see that I’m a big HR fan. My latest quilt using her fabrics (Short Stories) are a few posts back….
    Have fun with your giveaway!
    ; )

  4. I’m subscribing—love the roller skates!! I’m doing the giveaway too! You’re right–it’s a big time commitment keeping up with all the awesome stuff out there!

  5. I’m reassured to know that some weirdos like me would like to wear quilting cotton. Now that I know this, I may dare to do so and I’d love to start with the elephants set.
    Thanks for the chance!

  6. I actually don’t have a dog.
    But I would love to own one of those sets they are adorable! (I prefer the first one but I would be happily wearing the second one, too!)
    Thank you for this chance!

  7. Hi you πŸ™‚

    IΒ΄m german, living in Spain, mommy of a 2 years old boy, love fotos, flowers and sewing.

    I have a “sewing blog too” – feel free to step by πŸ˜‰

    The first one with the elephants is my favourite!

    kisses from sunny Spain

  8. Oh I love both fabrics!! Especially the roller skates – my nieces and nephew informed me yesterday that my daughter’s roller skates are not roller skates, but “rollerblades”. Roller skates are the old kind, for us old folks I guess! πŸ™‚

  9. Such adorable fabrics and outfits, especially the elephants! My niece would looks so adorable in either one of them! Oh, and my English Bulldog’s name is Sally Mae πŸ™‚

  10. My pup’s name is Ginger Grant, I love my backyard chicken who give me lovely fresh eggs every day and that first set is adorable!

    hensnest at windstream dot net

  11. I must be so out of the loop, just finding out about this munki munki craze through the sms giveaway day!
    Fingers crossed!

  12. I have two dogs, China and Jasper πŸ™‚
    and I am a weirdo and wear the PJ’s πŸ™‚ The first set I might cut up and make into a size for my daughter!

  13. Ummmm…so those elephants are pretty much AWESOME, but they are both really great, so I’d be happy with anything! I’m actually here in Mass, too, so that’s fun. And my dogs names are Maggie and Thatcher…and yes…they are named after her. Just say’n.

  14. These are so cute, I’d love any of the two!
    Greetings from Chile!

  15. A mushroom walked into a bar. Bartender said, “Get outta here, we don’t serve your kind.” Mushroom said, “Why not, I’m a fun-gi.”

    BA-dum ch!

  16. I’ve already found loads of new blogs – thanks SMS

    PS my dogs are called Medlar and Spindle

  17. I am indeed NOT a weirdo; those would be cut up for a quilt before the postman left the driveway.

  18. Cute elephants! I don’t have a dog but I do have a cat named Iki, which is Hawaiian for “small” (she’s a runt). Mostly it’s just fun to call her – eee-keeee!

  19. Thank you for such a brilliant giveaway!

    If I’m lucky enough to win, I’d love the super cute Munki Elephant set. My current favourite fabric is pretty much everything and anything from Heather Ross’ Far Far Away lines. I don’t have a dog, but my brother does, and her name is Ansa. I do have a cat though, and her name is BooBoo Kitty and she’s the apple of my eye.


  20. Either prize would be lovely! πŸ™‚

    I don’t have a dog but I have two cats named Matilda and Isobel. We were going to get a dog and name him Einstein but then decided the cats were driving us crazy enough.

  21. I don’t currently have a dog., but my future dog will be named Paul. I’ll call him Fred.


  22. I really like the elephants one, and on the off chance I or my daughter could wear it, I might not even chop it up! Actually, I’m likely to “refashion” it as I think it’s adorable! Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. I love the first pajama more<lovely colors.Is it for big or little girls,either way I'm covered =o)

  24. Oh I would love the pink elephants! That would be perfect! I’m at meg(dot)thurgood(at)gmail(dot)com.

  25. I’m in love with the elephant set.

    I have the cutest fabric that I inherited from my Mom, I have no idea the age, but I think it might have once been pillowcases? It’s a light pink with genie lamps and magic castles on it. Anyway, it so looks like a bit of Munki Munki! It’s weird to know that it’s probably 20-30 years old and looks like something that came out yesterday.

  26. Oh my goodness, those are both adorable. My dog’s name is Suzie. πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for participating.

  27. Once, when I was a kid, I accidentally won a roller-skating contest. I think I got a free ice cream out of the deal.

  28. Fun prizes!
    My dogs are Lily and Louie. Lily was a shelter dog and became the queen of all she purveys when she moved in and started training us. louie joined us later when I was working at a food pantry and a family had been evicted. They couldn’t take the dog and he came to live, temporarily, with us three years ago. I think he is ours now. I know his vet bills are.

  29. I love the sets! I think the roller skates are my favorite, but I don’t know. Those elephants are really great! I have a cat named Skotia which means darkness in hebrew (I think, as my dad came up with the name and he knows several languages!). Thanks for the great giveaway. notyetvegan(at)gmail(dot)com

  30. These are just sweet. I have no pets right now, but my 1st dog as a kid was Skippy, loved him to pieces!

  31. I am one of those weirdos .. I am wearing the roller skates as we speak!!!! But only cause they are sooooo comfy!!! My dog is Murphy. He is a big goofy golden retriever.

  32. these are both great options…the roller skates though would work nicely as backing fabric for my nephews quilts…looking for larger pieces to chunk together. thanks for a chance.

  33. Love the roller skates! I would love to make a tote bag for my sister with the fabrics.
    Thanks for the give away

  34. Oh the roller skates! But I might have to give it up to my niece who just started roller derby!

  35. My dog is a stuffed puppy named Buckley. I won him at the fair and he’s my favourite. So much so, that I won’t let my son near him! What an awful mommy I can be hehehe

  36. My dogs name is cooper and I would be thrilled to win either but if I had to pick I would choose the elephant and I might wear them but they will be turned into a quilt in the end. Thanks for the chance to win.

  37. If I had a dog, I would name it Munki Munki…seriously, I would name it Diogi (D-O-G) – we’re Italian πŸ˜‰ My great aunt’s neighbor had a dog with that name and I think it is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.

    Love all Munki Munki fabrics…and yes, if it’s cute enough, I *may* just wear it. Thanks for the chance!

  38. I couldn’t cut it up until I saw if they fit! Then, I’d wear them awhile and then cut them into lovely little pieces. πŸ™‚ The elephants are my faves.

    Thanks for the chance to enter!


  39. My favorite fabric right now is the unicorn print from Heather Ross’ Far Far Away. I can’t wait for Far Far Away 2 to come out.

  40. Love those elephants! And I adore all things HR. My dog’s name is Trooper! Thanks for the great chance to win.

  41. Love the skates! I wear my Munki jammies (bicycles I have loved)- love them. Dog is Poppy. Thanks for the giveaway! Will subscribe.

  42. You mean people actually WEAR them? I’ll go for the elephants if I am lucky enough to choose!

  43. I would wear whatever I won if it fit me. Have never touched muni munki and am getting to like the whimsy from photos. We don’t have a dog, but the deer frequent our yard. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway.

  44. our dog’s name is Einstein, and he’s pretty well known around here! He’s ridden the school bus, gone to church, and once spent two hours swimming next to our boat. He’s insane. And, I love those elephant pjs!

  45. Oooh, I like both of those very much!

    Our dogs’ names are Fenric, Zodin, and Jabe. We name dogs after Doctor Who in this house.

    I did draw the line at naming our kid from there though.

  46. Love the elephant set — however the skates crack me up, I had some like that as a kid!

  47. I’m not skilled enough to cut those goodies up, so I’d love to add them to my wardrobe πŸ™‚ Oh, and my dog’s name is Hiro. πŸ™‚

  48. Wow, a prize…. for me and not my kids. Love it.

    My dogs name is Cartoon, we adopted him in the Seattle airport on the way home last Christmas. I think he sleeps with my 3 year old son, who found and named and is in charge of caring for him. He’s pretty low maintenance. Never eats, always sleeps, only plays when we want to play. The perfect pet.

  49. The elephants! They are darling. Thanks for the chance.

    Chandler Bing, Cailen (aka Bubba), Xena Warrior Princess, and Muttley all say Hi from Central California. It actually sounded more like “Wooof, woooof, bark” but I translated.


  50. no dog now, but i had a suzie belle growing up, a festus when first married, cocoa and nanook when kids were young. just love that skating fabric!! what fun that would be to use in a quilt. have a great day

  51. Oh, the elephants! We don’t have any pets currently, but growing up I had dogs named Herschel, Betsy, Samson & Blue, Annie, Amos, Tucker, and Laura/Sheba (she was such a decidedly unspecial dog she got two names).

  52. Munki Munki Elephants! Hooray! Thankyou so much for hosting an international giveaway, I think those elephants really want to visit Ireland…

  53. Hi! Great giveaway! I love them both, my favorite fabric is Little Folks, and I have no dog (or cat, sadly). We do have an imaginary (sorry, invisible) cat named SerapiΓ£o. He’s the one who bangs doors and makes things fall or disappear.
    Thanks for the chance!

  54. I love the elephants! And I love your mentioning of the side effects…ummm, it is 9:45am, still in my p.j.’s (though not the cute ones listed here), my little fella’ just woke up from his mornin’ nap and I keep going to just one more giveaway before I go get him…just one more now! Take care and thank you!

  55. I would totally love the elephants. And I would prolly be one of those wierdos that wore theirs, but I am not a size large. Oh well now I can cut it up guilt free.
    My dogs name is Mackinaw. Our cats names are Punkin, Zima, and Bellatrix.
    I’ve always wanted a pet pig (girl) named Elvis.

  56. yes this is my first givaway and because of limited computer time I will have to come back and look at all thse lovely sites. I can see now it is like candy to a quilter.

  57. Crazy-cute giveaway! Thank you for putting together this prize and yes, I would wear them before cutting them up!
    My dog’s name is Bailey but she answers to: Stinkerbell, Stinkerella, Stinkenheimer, Stinkus Maximus, Farty Sharty, Fatty Carmichael, Count Fatula, and Naughty Dog!
    Pick me Mr. Random number generator!! Ooohhh, Pick me!!

  58. lets see, dogs are Penny, Shania, Sissy and Shy Guy… sheltie and the rest are Maltese…. please enter my name in your lovely drawing, ladycolmn(at)aol(dot)com from Florida Gulf Coast area.

  59. The roller skate ones are fricking awesome! How many hours did I spend growing up on my skates, many many moons ago???
    The jammies look fabulously comfy and would be great to wear after my son comes.

  60. My dogs are Jem, Scout, and Nigel.

    And I’ve been wanting those elephants something fierce πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  61. My preference is the elephant set — SO CUTE! Don’t have a dog — yet. I have to potty train the last kid before I am willing to potty train a dog. =)

    jessierey at msn dot com

  62. Oh the joy! Those are wonderful! Thanks so much for the chance to win! I just looked at the clock and realized I’ve been doing this for 3 1/2 hours and it feels like I just started! ( I already went through the handcrafted items yesterday!) So many blogs, so little time!

  63. My border collie’s (she’s a mix of some sort) name is Chai and she is OBSESSED with all of the critters that have returned with Spring…woodchucks drive her the most batty ha ha.

  64. WOW, what a wonderful idea!
    I’m deeply impressed.

    Kind regards from Germany
    Claudia alias

    Well does a cat do? His name is Puccini. And no, he is definitely no help when I’m sewing! πŸ™‚

  65. Yes, I have already spent countless hours online, enjoying this ‘blog hop’! Since dog names seem to be hot in the comments, I will tell you that I have a Bichon Frisse named Rosey. My daughter named her; ironically, my childhood best friend’s name was Rosie! Except her mom said I had to call her Rosemari. Ooops!

  66. I’ve spent all day browsing the fab blogs in the giveaways. So much for the ironing and other chores I had planned!

  67. I would LOVE the elephants! Thanks for the chance πŸ™‚

    rollerskates at gmail dot com

  68. My dogs name is Scout, which turns out to be pretty common for dogs! She’s way smarter than most kids I know.

  69. I adore the elephant pjs – so cute! No dog 😦 But fish (they’re all named after Duke basketball or Notre Dame football players!).

  70. I love them both, and I’d be one of the weirdos who wears them! Comfy!

    I have a fox terrier named Poppy and a new chihuahua that we just got through a rescue yesterday. His rescue name is Bruce, but we’re trying to think if we want to keep it or name him something else. (The current favorite alternatives are Sancho Panza and Captain Ahab, a tiny ridiculous dog needs a big ridiculous name IMHO.)
    Be blessed!

  71. Woah, those Munki Munki elephants are the bomb! I don’t have any pets… allergies, so I get my pet love vicariously through relatives and all you nice bloggers out there!

  72. I love the roller blades pj set. I’d wear it as is. πŸ™‚ Reminds me of the carefree days of childhood!
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway.
    rayamashita (at) yahoo (dot) com

  73. Honestly I think I would be pretty thrilled whichever set I won!

    I don’t have a dog but my cats’ names are Elvis and Indiana. They actually suit their names very well to – Indiana is the adventurer (aka Indiana Jones) and Elvis is the noisy crooner.

  74. I like the roller skate outfit and what’s wrong with wearing your Munki Munki instead of sleeping under it?

  75. The shirt and pant set is so cute! Thanks for the giveaway. My dog’s name is Denali. πŸ™‚

  76. The elephant set is tooo cute! And, I’m enormously allergic to dogs, so no name to share… 😦

  77. Any old thing?
    My dogs are Minnie and Zoe. A 3 legged rat terrier and a snorty pug.
    Thank-you for the great giveaway.

  78. I’ve gotten really into old heather ross prints and munki munki lately. How strange is it that so many people have some kind of giveaway that suits just that? Including you! Thanks.

  79. I prefer the elephants and my cat’s name is Wilson. He is allergic to cats! Lovely fabrics, thanks for sharing!

  80. The roller skated make me think of an Old 97’s song–Rollerskate Skinny. Or “I’ve Got a Brand-new Pair of Rollerskates.”

  81. I really love those colors, they make me want to rush to my sewing room πŸ™‚ Thank you for the chance to win!

  82. Wait- People WEAR Munki Munki? I thought it was just a novel way of packaging fabric! πŸ˜‰ My dog’s name is Brown Dog. Guess what color she is?

  83. I love the roller skates ones! I purchased a pair of roller skates about five years ago. I was gonna bring it back in. I then made the discovery that a) I can’t skate, and b) those roller derby girls got there first! Oh well, I’m sure I’ll think of something else to bring back into fashion

  84. Oooh, I love them both! Though maybe I am leaning towards those sweet elephants in the first set…

    I am having fun exploring new blogs through the SMS giveaway day and also having fun hosting my very first SMS giveaway!

  85. I know exactly what you mean about a time suck. I can’t tear myself away from the computer. I just want to check “one more” site before bed.

    Anyway, thanks for the giveaway.

  86. ahahaha all your warnings were right on the mark!!!

    my male dog is called Sushi because i found him on the streets near a japanese restaurant. he even has his eyes slight asian style so it suits him, and he is very zen.

    my female dog is called Emma, simply because i love that name and i can’t name a daughter Emma because it’s considered a foreign name (i’m from Portugal).

    they are both labradors and i absolutely adore them. they are the center of my little family (just my husband and i and the dogs).

  87. Wow, what a fantastic giveaway! My fingers are crossed for this one!
    epblack at zoominternet dot net
    P.S. my dog is Daisy May

  88. My dog’s name is Maverick. He is a 6 year old brown dachshund, and is currently wearing the “Cone Of Shame” due to allergies causing him to scratch a big nasty spot on his ear. He keeps walking against the walls and hitting the egde of the cone on the door moldings. I hate to see him so unhappy, but dang it it funny!

    I love the elephants! Thanks for the giveaway.


  89. Love those elephants! random info… all of my pets are named from Jane Austen characters/places… We have Pemberley, Dash (short for Dashwood), Fitz (short for Fitzwilliam), Willoughby, Bennett, Lizzie and Lydia…

  90. I would love to win one of the wonderful prizes! XD I don’t have dogs, I have cats… they’re very wicked of course . The names? Muza , pelos and MinimiΓΊ

  91. I don’t have a dog, but my cat’s name is Buckwheat (he’s a pretty black cat who we love to pieces, though the hair on his backside is falling out at the moment). Is that enough information for you? πŸ™‚

  92. By the way – this is a wonderful giveaway – thanks!

    I’m now subscribed to your blog and look forward to reading more posts in the future!

  93. I also followed you and tweeted on both my sewing and reading twitter accounts. @cfulcher and @cfulcher_sews. Thanks again for the giveaway.

  94. ill wear it!! Size 6 (oh Yeah..just lost almost the last of the baby weight!!) Thanks !!

  95. wow cool! my dog’s name is Miles, cat’s name is Emma, exchange student’s name, Joel. thanks for the chance to win πŸ™‚

  96. WHATTTTTTTTT???? Are you giving away those wonderful munki pajamas? And not only one there are 2!!!!I can believe it, this is fantastic!!! I was reading a lot about this pajamas and a some net-friends have one, But I live in Barcelona and is impossible to get one here. Fantastic, fantastic what a generous giveaway. Thanks for this chance. I will keep my fingers crossed.


  97. Great giveaway! Rollerskate set but the other is ok too. I’ve never had a dog. I’ve never had a pet. One of my sisters and my brother have dogs. My other sister and I have allergies!

  98. I really love the skates! Although the elephants are great too! Anything Heather Ross really! Thanks for the chance to win!

    sales4mp at gmail dot com

  99. Thanks sew much for the fun prizes πŸ™‚ I don’t have a dog, but my son likes to pretend he is a puppy. His name is Camden.


  100. Ohmygoshthesearesocute (in one gasp)! I’ve heard so much about this Munki Munki stuff and now I see what all the fuss is about! Thanks for the chance!

  101. Oh, and I subscribed to your blog via my feed reader – once I saw that absolutely tiny quilt block above, I knew I had to keep reading along to see what else you come up with! (juliebean28 at hotmail dot com)

  102. Oop, and I also tweeted and retweeted – I’m gotthebutton on twitter! Also – my dog’s name is Winston, but my cat’s name is Oscar. Winston’s the brains of the operation and Oscar’s the muscle.

  103. Prize #1 please – I’m a sucker for elephants. Uh, something semi-interesting about me: I’m no germaphobe (by a long shot), but sleeping with sheets that haven’t been washed, even if they were only used for one night, by my mom, wig me out. But, if it’s only been me and my hubby in the bed, I often go weeks between a wash. Hmm.

  104. Woohoo, I love those prizes. Yes, I would actually wear them. i couldn’t bear to cut them up. Thanks for the chance.

  105. Oh I would definately have to get the elephant jammies, and yep I’m one of those wierdos who would probably wear them then once I had worn them to oblivion then I’d quilt them lol…

  106. I’d love to win either of the sets, I can’t see the pictures so I’ll just assume both are super cute!


  107. Hello πŸ™‚ Great items and great blog! LOL I have big dogs πŸ™‚
    Thank you so much for the giveaway,
    Elle8130(at)yahoo(dot) com

  108. Even odder (after reading your first two posts) – My dog’s name is Sammie.

  109. oh those would be tempting to cut into but they would also be very cute for a post partum outfit in the hospital. I always look so drab in the hospital gown and now that I’m having #6 in a few months it might me nice to feel cute. Thanks for the chance to win.

  110. What a great giveaway! I especially love the first one. Thanks!

    And my exciting news is that I felt my newest baby kick in-utero for the first time! It’s like magic.

  111. I love the roller skate ones!! Oh my. CUTE!

    My dog’s name is *big breath*

    General James Ewell Brown “Jeb” Stuart Marsden! Affectionately known as Jebbers.


  112. i don’t have a dog.but there is this cat that visits me all the time.i named her miley.
    thanks for the giveaway.


  113. Cute outfits! love the first one best but either one will do. THanks for participating in this fun event! freeindeed at myfairpoint dot net

  114. Super sweet giveaway! I’m drawn to the elephants, because I am old enough to have spent time at an actual roller rink in my mis-spent youth, and still remember the blisters from the rental skates.

  115. Ooo, I love the rollerskates so much! I don’t have a dog, but I do have two cats, and their names are…..Broccoli and Cheddar! I know, we are wierdos for naming our animals after food.

  116. I have two rescue dogs: Winnie (German Shep mix) and Daisy (Rottie mix). I rescued Winnie myself — she was dumped at a community college where I was taking a class. Daisy was found by someone else (she had been left on the side of the road with a broken leg) and taken to animal control. I saw Daisy in the lobby and took her before animal control did. Both have me wrapped around their wee paws!

  117. Either set is awesome. I guess I would pick the skates as the best. Thank you for the chance to win. stephspitzer at gmail dot com

  118. I tried to subscribe to your blog. I actually hope it worked, I was a little confused. Milo is my dog’s name. Thanks for the extra chance to win. stephspitzer at gmail dot com

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