I Call This My Blue Period

It just so happens for April and May I was sent a bunch of pretty blue fabrics.

April was Shelly’s month over at Fresh Comfort Two. She asked for Fractured Nine Patch.

My first block was simple and really fast to put together. The second block gave me some trouble however. I just couldn’t get my seams to line up properly. Made me a bit crazy, I had to unpick my stitches a few times. I couldn’t get it perfect but I couldn’t unpick anymore or there wouldn’t be any fabric left!

May is Ruth’s month. She requested the ever popular Denyse Schmidt Drunk Love in a Log Cabin inspired blocks. Ruth chose six color schemes for her blocks, I got blue/green!

Ruth said we could add fabrics from our own stashes as long as they coordinated with our color scheme and they were small prints. I was too nervous to add anything from my stash. I don’t have much of a selection of small prints.

She requested blocks sized anywhere from 9.5″ to 12.5″. I managed to eek out one 9.5″ block and one 12.5″ block with the fabrics she sent. I can’t wait to see all of the other color schemes.

Shelly & Ruth I hope you like your blocks, they are on the way to you now!


One thought on “I Call This My Blue Period

  1. your blocks are so awesome. i can’t wait to get them (and the rest!) and put this quilt together. i think it’s going to be even cooler than i expected!!!

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