Barcelona Quilt – Work in Progress

(La Sagrada Familia – the inspiration behind the inspiration.)

A few years ago I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Barcelona, Spain. I fell in love. It’s such a beautiful city with friendly people, I recommend visiting if you have the chance.

While there I purchased a painting from a street vendor. I managed to put my high school Spanish to use to purchase the painting. The artist even complimented my Spanish! It was fun to get a chance to speak the language, up until speaking with him everyone spoke English to us.

I don’t buy much art, I prefer photos I’ve taken of my travels or friends & family but this was too beautiful to resist. I love it.

My old lady quilt guild is having a quilt show this summer and I have nothing to show. My quilts are all in other people’s homes. I hadn’t started a quilt for the show because I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue my membership. That guild isn’t really my style. My Grandmother and Great Aunt are members and loved that I was. Gram offered to pay the guild dues as my birthday gift and I couldn’t refuse. Hey, I get to hang out with Gram once a month more than I would otherwise.

Being that I am going to continue to be a member I wanted to put something in the guild’s quilt show. Gotta spice things up right?!

I got ambitious and decided I would make a quilt to match my painting. Now that I’ve spent quite a few hours on this quilt I am thinking I may be closer to the loony bin that I originally thought. This thing is quite the puzzle.

I decided with so much going on solids would be the best choice. I am using a couple KF shot cottons for the building and Konas for the other bits. The shot cottons are fantastic, they change depending on the way the light hits them.

I drew the design on freezer paper. Then came the hard part, cutting out the pieces in a logical way and then keeping track of how they went back together. This is where it got hairy. Lots of sewing, unpicking, sewing back up.

Here’s my progress. It’s coming along.

I’ve been wearing the ring I also bought in Barcelona for added inspiration. Isn’t it amazing?!

The deadline for submitting applications for the quilt show was May 1st. I didn’t feel that this quilt was far enough along to enter it. If it’s done I may enter it in Amy’s Bloggers’ Quilt Festival.

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