Laptop Sleeve

A couple of weeks ago I needed to take my laptop to see the doctor. Poor thing has been through a lot in her life. Day two BF dropped her on to concrete. She’s a trooper though, she was dented and bruised. BF attended to her with pliers to straighten her bent corner and she was able to open and close as normal again.

Two years later her hinge is broken. If her screen isn’t straight (& I mean straight) up, it falls down, either on your fingers or slamming to the table. It’s not good.

So I made her an appointment with an Apple Genius to see what we could do.

She’s never had a sleeve before, she just kinda gets plopped into my giant purse and off we go but I couldn’t very well take her to her appointment naked like that. They may think I’m a bad parent.

Enter pretty laptop sleeve. With about an hour before we had to leave I decided I had enough time to make a laptop sleeve and shower. (I know, delusional.)

Well dear readers, I am happy to say this project was so fast that I left the house only 10 minutes later than planned! And isn’t it cute? I used fantastic Lizzy House fabrics. I love the ducks on the inside.

Are you wondering what happened at our doctor’s appointment? Well, those crazy people told me it would cost me the price of a new iPad to fix the hinge. I thought they were nuts and have decided to just deal with the problem. Let’s just hope the screen keeps working…

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