Easy Straight Line Quilting

Rainbow Squares is so colorful and fun so I wanted simple clean quilting that wouldn’t overwhelm the quilt.

I rummaged around in my drawers (no, not those drawers silly!) and pulled out a roll of masking tape. Masking tape in my opinion is a must have for any quilter. I use it to tape my backing to the floor when I’m making a quilt sandwich, it helps to keep everything nice and straight without any puckers.

Masking tape is also fantastic for straight line quilting, which is how I choose to quilt Rainbow Squares.

I spread my quilt sandwich out on my nicely vacuumed rug. (I tend to only vacuum when things get out of control or I need to lay out a quilt.) Then I start taping.

I wanted my lines to be sort of random. (I didn’t want them to make X’s through the center of the blocks.) So I just started taping.

(Sorry this one’s a bit blurry)

With my walking foot on my machine and using the tape as my guidelines for the quilting I started sewing. Using a walking foot helps to feed both the top and bottom of your project through more evenly. The result? Less puckering on the back. Yay!!

Using the edges of my walking foot as guides helps me keep my lines a bit straighter than if I attempt to sew right on the edge of the tape. So I end up with stitching about a quarter inch from my tape.

In one direction I stitched on both sides of the tape.

(Isn’t that a pretty combo?! I think it’s my favorite grouping in the quilt.)

After I had sewn all of the lines in that direction I pulled off that tape and reused it for the other direction. The tape will definitely have enough stick left for at least one more use so don’t crinkle it up and toss it.

I taped diagonal lines going the opposite direction. (Using the same pieces of tape from before.) This time I only stitched on one side of the tape.

That’s it! Super easy way to get delightfully straight lines.


3 thoughts on “Easy Straight Line Quilting

  1. Oh my gosh! I do “straight” quilting all the time and sit there and try to figure out ways for things to stay straight….pens, basting, etc. This tape idea is SO MUCH SMARTER!! Thank you!

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