Giant Khaki Quilt

Can you believe I don’t have a quilt for my own bed?!

I have been trying to be nice and include BF in the fabric selection but he just doesn’t get excited over my choices. We were at a giant fabric shop (Osgood Textile) because I needed the perfect fabric for an Etsy customer. Once we found it I insisted on walking slowly up and down all of the mid-weight cotton isles. This shop isn’t much of a quilt shop, it’s more geared toward upholstery & garment sewing but they do have a decent selection of quilting cottons. I’ve been able to find some great finds hidden on their shelves and this trip was no exception.

I love Prints Charming prints but I they are hard to find around here, and even harder to find them at a price I am willing to pay. So when BF pulled this from the shelves I squealed!

(I fussy cut all of the flowers. They are giant. About 11 x 17 inches!)

He liked it, mostly because it was neutral. Neutral is so boy isn’t it?! I liked it because I find all Prints Charming things fun.

We dug around some more and were able to find one more coordinating print to go with it.

Now I have been working on a quilt for our bed!

I was going for a random floating rectangle sort of thing. I do like it, but I am wishing for a bit more color. Oh well.

(That’s my layout sketched on giant graph paper. That stuff is awesome!)

I scoured the internet for another fabric from that collection and found that they also came in red and black but those seemed too in-your-face for me.

I did find the one other print from that collection in the same color. I bought it from this great Esty seller. Shannon was super quick to answer my questions as well as ship my order. She has some great fabrics so check her out!

BF thought it was a good addition, that it wasn’t too floral for him. Then I got it home and he thought the three prints together would be too busy so I’ll be using that print for pillow cases. I think that will look great.

I am running a bit short on the background fabric so hopefully when I stop by Osgood’s on Thursday they have some left. Cross your fingers!

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