Shhh, Don’t Tell…

Shhh, don’t tell…

This weekend on the way home from a wonderful hike with the pup I told BF I needed to stop at Joann’s with my 40% off coupon because I desperately needed batting. I would be super quick – in and out, no looking around, straight to the batting and out the door. (After paying of course.) It would be almost painless for him to sit and wait in the car with our Marley of a dog….I promise!

Don’t tell, but… I may have stopped by the pattern section because Simplicity patterns were 40% & I’m in love with the Cynthia Rowley patterns. (Remember this dress?) I rifled through the look book and threw the drawers open searching for my coveted patterns. I swear I was quick, but just not as quick has I had promised. Oops!

Here’s what I bought:

The one in the middle (2443) has been on my mind because of this. That leather is to die for! If only leather were cheaper. Sigh.

How cute is that tunic (2584)? I see that in my Spring/Summer future, over jean leggings for Spring and over a bathing suit for Summer.

The one on the right (2593) looks like a super versatile Summer tank.

Somewhere in all of this I’ve forgotten garment sewing and I don’t get along much. I don’t follow direction well. Oh my!

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