March Bee Blocks

Rachel requested Ticker Tape blocks for March.

I am now in love with these blocks. They are so much fun to put together. If you like puzzles & fabric you must give these blocks a try.

Rachel sent along a bunch of Denyse Schmidt scraps in the mix. I’ve never had any of those {gasp} and you know how crazy ladies get about Denyse’s fabrics, so it was fun to see them in real life. I couldn’t resist adding a few of my own scraps. I didn’t want a lot of repeats on my blocks and Rachel said that would be a-okay.

How could I not add those cute little Alexander Henry Quilt Pirates?! I’m in love with Rachel’s little Munki Munki kitties. So cute.

Even the back of the blocks are interesting.

I hope Rachel loves these blocks as much as I do. Thanks Rachel for choosing such a fun block.

Now I must make a few of these for myself!

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