Fifth Grade Knitting

Last month my Grandma was asked to teach knitting to fifth graders and she asked me to come along as the left-handed teacher.

Now, I don’t knit. My Great Grandma used to knit so much that she would nod off but her hands would keep on knitting. She had knit me a few sweaters, a couple blankets and my beloved Christmas stocking. When she passed away I regretted not asking her to teach me to knit so I decided I would teach myself. That’s how I like to learn new things, figuring it out on my own (with a little research).

So quite a few years ago I went out and bought myself a skein of yarn and a kit – teach yourself to knit – and taught myself to knit. I didn’t like it much because no matter what I did my knitting would roll up on itself. (It may have had something to do with my not having enough patience to cast on and knit more than about six stitches.)

Needless to say, when my Grandma asked me to help her out I freaked out a bit. How was I supposed to teach someone else how to knit if I did really know how?! I ran right out and picked up some yarn and needles. Who knows where my old needles were, I didn’t have time to waste looking for them!

I knit all that night trying to figure out my teaching game plan. I did some casting on, some knitting, some purling, some casting off. I was freaking out, how would I keep all of this information from slipping my mind before I could teach these kids?

I get to Grandma’s house the day of and find out she’s cast on stitches for all of the kids and we are only teaching them knitting, no purling or casting on or off!! Yippee!

We went to my old elementary school, into one of my favorite teachers classroom and taught kids to knit. (We mummified a chicken and buried it on school grounds, how could you not love a teacher like that?!)

There was only one left-handed kid in the class so not much work there. I did circulate around to the other kids to try to help them but I had to figure out how to teach them basically backwards.

It was amazing to me that in fifth grade most of the boys really got into it. It was pretty cool.

Oh, they were learning to knit because they were reading a book where one of the characters knits. It’s a classic but at the moment I can’t remember the title.

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