February Bee Blocks

Things were greatly ahead of schedule for the start of the Fresh Comfort Two Bee.  Margaret had sent out her fabrics super early, I received them in January!  As soon as they came I spread them all out, tried to organize them.  I wanted to get right down to business.  Then I read the pattern instructions and was a little bit scared.

It’s not as if the pattern was extremely difficult, not at all.  I think the responsiblity of using someone else’s fabrics that she bought with her hard-earned money and making them into a block that required following a pattern sent me into anxiety mode.  This is my first ever quilting bee.

I don’t doubt my abilities as a quilter, I know my seams will be 1/4 inch and straight.  That’s not the problem.  Have I mentioned I don’t follow patterns well?  My brain just starts to hurt when I try to follow the directions.  Bizarre, I know.

Anyway, the fabrics sat on my sewing table for a few days and one day the guilt over powered me and I dove right in and started sewing.  It took me the better part of the evening to finish one block.  After that my brain was shot and I was tired.  So the second block lay in pieces on my table.

I had the best of intentions to give my brain a day off and sew up the second block, I swear.  Somehow February got away from me.  I had things that needed to be done that didn’t involve my sewing room.  In fact I don’t think I spent more than a couple of hours in there the whole month.  Suddenly it was March 2nd and I hadn’t finished the second block and I was leaving for Puerto Rico for a week.

That night I stayed up far too late sewing and packing, packing and sewing.  I finished both in time to get 3 hours of shut-eye before my flight.  Mom mailed out Margaret’s blocks to her while I was high above the Atlantic Ocean.

I hope Margaret likes her blocks.  I didn’t make them very wonky for fear of over wonking, so I’m a bit worried about that.  I hope they’ll just blend in with the rest of the blocks.

I’ve received the fabrics for the March blocks. Ticker tape blocks!  I swear I will get on those as soon as I catch up on a few blog posts.

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