I have a few confessions to make.

With the recent fabric news, Liberty of London in Targets everywhere I think this will be my first confession.  I don’t like Liberty of London designs. {Gasp! This person must not be the fabric lover she claims to be.}  It’s true dear readers, I have no desire whatsoever to own any Liberty of London designs.  I find them to be old and stuffy and far to floral for me. Feel free to stop reading here and close the window. I know I am spreading fabric blasphemy across the blogosphere, but with all of this talk and dresses flying off of Target shelves, virtual and otherwise, I needed to get that off my chest.

Other confessions:

I haven’t been sewing much the last couple of months.

I feel horrible guilt for not sewing and even more guilt for not blogging. I am apologetic for my absence, I’ve just been listless and a bit lost lately. The real world has been tugging at my coat tails for quite a while, urging me to join it’s ranks, to return to the traditional workforce.  I’ve been dragging my feet on this one. I know that it is a necessary evil I must endure, bills need to be paid, fabric wants to be purchased, puppies want to continue to be fed. Now that’s all well and good but what sort of job would I be happy to enjoy? For me that’s a more difficult question to answer than any other. So I confess, I have been hiding away, mulling that over and avoiding this space right here. Fight or flight, I choose flight. If only the flight were to an exotic destination I’ve yet to experience.

On that note, I have recently flown somewhere I had never been before, Puerto Rico. I loved it. It is definitely on my list of recommended travel destinations. I’m not sure how much my opinion should weigh, I would recommend almost every place I’ve ever been. The thrill of some place new is like a drug to me!

A post is not a proper post without a photo, so I leave you with a bit of Puerto Rico.

El Morro, San Juan, Puerto Rico

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