What Have You Learned This Year?

I started out the year with a workshop through my quilt guild taught by Holice Turnbow.

We spent the day learning about quilting designs, stencils and templates.


Learning how to make designs 1/8th at a time.

Then transferring that design to plastic, making it nice and sturdy.

Enlarging/shrinking designs to fit your block.

Cutting stencils.

Working out quilting designs with paper and pencil.

Working with 1/8th of a design really makes it much easier to make accurate, symmetrical designs.  Holice showed us how non-symetrical designs can be from books and vintage templates and stencils so this class really helped to learn how to make them more accurate.  I learned you don’t have to find necessarily need to choose a design that is the perfect size for your block because you can use that design and enlarge or shrink it to make it perfect.

Maybe now I’ll take some more time to do some quilting design rather than the usual all over designs I usually do.

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