Flickr 365

For Christmas Santa brought me a super fun point and shoot digital camera.  I love it, it has a LCD screen on the back & one on the front.  Now I can take all of those silly self-portrait pictures and won’t cut off any faces!  So fun.

With my new camera I’ve decided to take one photo everyday and post it on flickr.  I’ve browsed through 365 sets on flickr and think they are so fun, so I’m jumping in.

Last week I started a trial run, to see if I would be able to take a photo a day for just a few days, to get an idea of if this was a feasible thing to be committing to.  I think I have done a whole five days so far so I’m running with it.  I may end up changing my set’s name from 365 to something a little less crazy later on after I’ve fallen off the wagon!

I am hoping that committing to a photo a day will help me see the world around me more creatively as well as help improve my horrible photography skills.  We’ll see…

Here’s day one:

I was a bit late thinking about a photo for yesterday.  It was New Year’s Day after all and I was in recovery.

You can follow along with my 365 day photo exploits here.

Off to take a class on quilting designs and stencils with Holice Turnbow.  He does a lot of work with whole quilts, you’ve probably read an article or two of his in the various quilting magazines. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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