Handmade Gifts

I didn’t have much time to make many gifts of my own this year.  Which is a good thing, it means I was making gifts for customers!

Here are the two I did manage to get to:

BF’s dad wanted printer covers for his two printers to match the quilt I made for his birthday.

I only finished one before they had to be loaded in the car and trucked up to NH.  The other will have to be a little belated.

I am told it fits perfectly.  I was a bit worried it would be way off.  When BF and I were up in NH the last time we measured the printers for the covers.  Well, BF measured and I wrote it down on my diagram.  For whatever reason, I decided before we left we should check to make sure the measurements were correct.  The second time we measured the numbers were totally different.  I don’t think measurements are BF’s strong point.  I was relieved to hear the cover fit well.

The second cover is a bit trickier, it has a few more angles.  That one is going to take some serious brain power that I just didn’t have left before Christmas.  Now I’ve relaxed for a couple of days and should be able to tackle that task with gusto.

The other gift was one of my UFO’s/WIP’s whatever you like to call ’em.  I started this quilt maybe half a decade ago. Yikes.  BF had picked out the colors he wanted, orange and blue.

Let me tell you, five years ago orange was not something people had a demand for.  All of the orange fabric I saw was hideous, and to combine it with blue, oh my.  Hello Mets!

Now BF is a Met fan and wouldn’t have minded just blue and orange but at that time, I had made one, maybe two quilts.  I was going by a pattern from one of my grandmother’s quilting books, it required three colors.

My fabric shopping knowledge was limited to Joann’s and Wal-Mart at the time.  So I headed to Wal-Mart, $2/yard fabric, and picked up orange, blue and yellow.  I hated it from the beginning.  That’s probably why it sat unfinished for so long.

It was meant to generously fit a full-size bed.  In the photo it is on a king-size bed.

I had almost finished hand-quilting it before I put it away.  So when I pulled it from the recesses, I finished the quilting, this time by machine!  (I didn’t care that it would look funny.)  After I finished the quilting, I had to find something to bind it with.  I don’t have any of the fabrics I used for this quilt left in my stash, so I pulled out everything that might go with this awful quilt.  I ended up choosing some Heather Ross dots from her Lightning Bugs and Other Mysteries collection.  It kind of adds a fun little touch to the quilt.

I suppose this quilt is a testament to how far I’ve come and BF likes it so it’s a win.

What did you manage to make for your holiday gifts?

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