The Votes Have Been Counted

Of course I left my cloth napkin project until the last-minute, there were so many other things that took priority.

If you were at my house on Christmas morning you would have witnessed me running up and down the stairs between my sewing machine and the kitchen.  I’m sure I was quite the sight.

Mom was doing all of the cooking but I was making the bread and the banana cream pie.  I would stir a little, then run upstairs and sew a little.  I’d form a couple rolls, then run upstairs and do a little pressing.  At least I can say I burned a few more Christmas calories than I would have otherwise!

I finished the napkins just in the nick of time; about 3 minutes before we all sat down to eat.  I only made seven, the exact number of people at our table.  There wasn’t much time to make any more. I really only made five the day of because I used the two I made as practice too.  I will have to remember my set isn’t complete.

We had a little vote through my blog comments and a little at home research to determine if the napkins would be single or double thickness.

Drumroll please…….double thick won out. (Sorry Sarah, you were the only single thick voter.)  My thanks to all who voted!  I don’t make decisions well.  Amy, Mayya, and BF all voted in favor of the double.  So, in a 3 to 1 nail-biting vote (haha) the double thick napkins won.

They were very well received.  Everyone felt fancy using cloth napkins.

I love using cloth napkins.  They are so much better than paper.  Not only do they feel better, but they are way more environmentally friendly.  I think I will have to make a few more sets, maybe one for each day of the week.  Then, once a week they can all be washed and we will always have cloth napkins on hand.  Sounds like a plan.

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