Look What I Won!

On December 2nd Sew,Mama,Sew! hosted Giveaway Day.  Tons of bloggers signed up to give stuff away, it was awesome!  (I wish I’d known about it in time to get in on the giving, maybe next time.)  The best part of Giveaway Day was all of the amazing blogs I was introduced to.  My Google Reader now has a lot more reading to do.

Anyway, on to the fun stuff.  One of the giveaway participants was Sarah over at Come and See the Seitz.  When I saw what Sarah had up for grabs I knew I had to enter her giveaway!  I don’t often win things and with 622 comments I certainly never thought I would win this giveaway.  In fact, Sarah had such a large response she decided to add second giveaway.  Generous, I know!

Somehow I won!!  I can not express how excited I am to have won this super cool prize.  I am on quite the orange kick lately, so this was perfect.

I mean, how well does this bag go with my Moo MiniCard holder?!

My goodies came in the mail today!  Here’s how it went…

I heard someone drive up the driveway and looked out the window to see what I thought was the mail lady.  I couldn’t be sure it was because out here in the middle of nowhere the mail delivery people don’t get mail trucks, they drive their own vehicles.  The only reason the mail lady comes up the driveway is to drop off something that’s too big to fit in the mailbox.  I’ve been expecting Sarah’s giveaway prize and some fabric so I was excited to see if the package was for me.

I went right downstairs and opened the door expecting to see a package on the doorstep (where packages are usually left).  Nope.  So I figured it wasn’t the mail lady, just someone who needed to turn around.

A few minutes later I left to drop an Etsy order (yay!) at the post office and get some last-minute birthday goodies for my mom.  Right next to my car was a package. On the ground. On the muddy driveway!  What the heck mail lady?!!  Why did you think it was okay to leave my package in the mud instead of walking six feet to the door?!!

Sarah is a genius because she put all of my goodies in a plastic bag inside the shipping box.  Maybe she somehow knew I would have an unmotivated postal employee with bad judgement delivering my mail.

Anyway, I picked up my package, proceeded to squeal with glee at anticipation and got in the car.  In the car I ripped it open and fell in love.  I immediately tossed all of my essentials into my perfect new bag and relegated my other bag in the back seat.

I then trotted all around town with a huge smile on my face and my wonderful new bag on my shoulder.

Can I just tell you how perfect it is?  It’s perfect.  Sarah did an absolutely beautiful job making this bag.  Thank you, Sarah!!  There is a pocket on the inside, the perfect size for my beloved iPhone.  On the pocket is Sarah’s cute little tag.

The Olive Rose by Valori Wells fabric Sarah sent is even more beautiful in person.  I love, love, love it!  I am dreaming up the perfect ways to use it.  I have been collecting orange fabrics because I want to make myself an orange bed quilt and I think this needs to be added to that mix.  It’s so pretty, I think I’m scared to cut into it.

Sarah also sent orange Gutermann thread.  My favorite brand of thread.  And a bunch of beautiful orange buttons.  They are very cool.  I can’t wait to use them on something.

As you might be thinking, I am very excited about my new goodies!!  Thank you so much for the generous giveaway Sarah.

Please head over to Sarah’s blog, Come and See the Seitz.  It’s really fantastic, and beautiful, and inspiring.  I mean did you see this, this, and this?  I am sure you will absolutely love her blog.  I do.  When you’re there tell her I said hello!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you.  I am part of a quilting bee that begins in February.  It will be my first bee ever and I am very excited (and a little bit nervous).  The bee started inspired by Block Party Quilt Along flickr group.  Can’t wait to share more.

A very exciting day around here!  Anything exciting happening in your neck of the woods?

3 thoughts on “Look What I Won!

  1. Jaclyn, you are SO SO sweet! I couldn’t be happier that you won this giveaway!! I hope you get tons of use out of the items and I’m so glad I have a new blogging friend! I can’t wait to read you blog, you are so inspiring!

  2. Jackie…you and your better half are two peas in a pod – orange? Better watch out before he steals whatever you make with all your orange goodies!!! See you this weekend!

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