Windy City Scarf

Check out my awesome new scarf!

It has no ends so I don’t have to keep throwing it over my shoulder when the wind blows it off.

Infinity scarf or circle scarf, I’ve even seen them called Snoods but I thought a Snood was a scarf/hood combo.  I suppose you could throw one loop over top of your head and the other around your neck if you would like.

The worst part about scarves are the ends, this one solves that problem!

This rugby scarf is a pink cotton jersey blend and brown heather wool jersey blend with cotton batting in the middle to give it a bit more body and warmth.

I love this scarf!  What do you think?

It’s available in my shop.  Scoop it up quick before I change my mind!

Happy Hanukkah!  I wouldn’t mind if somebody sent some latkes my way!

One thought on “Windy City Scarf

  1. I live in Chicago and I’ve seen a lot of those worn by some of my friends. Their’s are fluffy and knit, but I love them because of course, they have no ends that will fly into your face with a big gust of wind.

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