Today’s To Do List

Here’s what’s on my to do list today.

1. Line the last patchwork bag

2. Take photos of bags

3. Make colored pencil roll to replace one that was so good my friend’s dog ate it!

4. Mail bags and colored pencil roll

5. Make a scarf

6. Maybe list scarf in shop if it comes out well

7. Make wallet

8. Shower

9. Make block for a quilt-a-long my Gram is in so I can be her stand-in tonight because she is in Hawaii.  She is in Pearl Harbor on a battleship on what she calls the bomb squad.  It is an elder hostel vacation where people work on a decommissioned battle ship to get it ready to become a museum.  My grandma is cleaning and painting the old bombs.  She’s a crazy one!

10. Go to quilt shop with my Aunt and her quilt-y friends to learn this months block and get the fabrics for Gram. The quilt-a-long is pretty cool.  It’s put on my a quilt shop, Close to Home.  This is how it works.  The first month you go you pay $5 to join.  Every month you go to a class where you are shown how to make that months block.  At the end of class she gives you the fabrics to make the block.  As long as you go to the classes every month with the block you made from the previous month you don’t have to pay again and you continue to receive the fabrics for each block.  If you miss a month however, the next class you attend you have to pay the $5, sort of like starting over.  If you are going to miss a month you can ask someone else to take your block and go to the class for you to pick up your fabric, you can have a stand in, and the following month as long as you bring your completed block you don’t have to pay again.  So, essentially you can get a whole quilt top as well as the class on 12 different blocks for $5.  It’s a great deal.  The blocks are traditional blocks so it doesn’t pique my interest much, but for people who like traditional blocks it’s really fantastic.  Of course they would like each person to buy the special ruler they use in the class to make the block and they hope that you are going to shop them for all of your other quilt-y needs.  You aren’t required to buy the rulers though, you can buy one and share amongst your friends, or not buy any.  The quilt-a-long is a way to get you in the shop and to tempt you to buy.  If you are in the Worcester, MA area you should check it out.  Close to Home also has other classes like a series of bag classes, Amy Butler classes where you make goodies using Amy Butler patterns more fun for us modern quilters.  They are also the only shop around, that I’ve found, who carries Amy Butler and a few other modern fabric designers.

11. Buy more Amy Butler Sunspots

12. Go to a few more quilt shops with the girls

13. Go out to dinner with the girls. Yay!

14. Start making clutches.  Yup, more bags.  What the people want, the people get.

That’s what I’m hoping to get done today.

What’s on your to do list?

On a totally unrelated note because I must have a photo, check out how many wild turkeys were in our yard a few days before Thanksgiving.  I think I had counted 28 that day.

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