The Pressures of a Tea Party

Remember this doll quilt?  Well, the rest of the order has been finished!  FINALLY.

This was one of my first orders from back in the summer.  I hadn’t even really put Urban Crunch out into the world at that point.  The order was a holiday order with absolutely NO pressure to get it done.  So….I put it off, and off, then off five more times.

I’m not sure why I didn’t have any motivation to get it done.  Maybe it was too real, putting myself out there for people to judge.  I think I prefer the sense of anonymity that the internet provides and for this order I had to actually get on the phone to communicate.  I’m not a phone person!  I mean I have an iPhone…internet, apps, text if I have to.  My minutes usually go nearly untouched.  So after months and months of procrastination I finally finished everything and popped it in the mail.  I’ve washed my hands of it.  It’s a weight off of my chest.

Here’s what went (besides the doll quilt)….

Crayon Rolls

Tea Party Placemats

And I sent this little prezzie along because of my guilt.

Custom orders are great and they are the main type of orders I’ve been getting.  I just have the hardest time getting behind them.  Being told what to do essentially, is tough for me, especially when it comes to creative type endeavors.  There is way less pressure in creating from within myself rather than from a list of must-haves.  Ideally I would create something and people would be tripping over each other to get it.  Alas, it seems at this point I’m not quite there yet.  Please don’t misconstrue these feelings as ungrateful.  I am totally grateful and amazed that there are people out there that like what I do and have confidence in me to create something they would love just from their suggestions.  I hope they keep coming……but….

Anyone else have those feelings toward commissioned work?  Pressure to create the image the client has in their mind’s eye while sticking to your style and visions.  As well as motivating yourself to get it done and not allow your hands to drift to other projects?  Leave me a comment on your feelings or experiences 🙂


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