Scrappy Dog Bed

There are three dogs that live in this house, two big furry yellow labs and a tiny little black shitzu-poodle mix (yes, we often shorten that to an inappropriate but funny word).  At bedtime they would each sleep in a different room, until recently.

cali elcoCali                                                                                                                            Elco


The old lady yellow lab (Cali) discovered that Hadley’s (the other yellow lab) bed was far more comfortable than where she liked to sleep.  This led to Cali taking over Hadley’s bed and a little fighting.  I decided I better get another big, fluffy bed so there wouldn’t be anymore fighting, but big, fluffy dog beds are expensive.  (They also aren’t that cute.)  So….make your own!

dog bed 3

This doggie bed is super fluffy and comfortable.  Take my word for it, I sat on it before I let the dogs have it!  All of the crazy dogs in this house love it and so do I because it’s super cute & it was very inexpensive to make!  The dogs have also stopped fighting over beds now.

I only had to buy a fleece throw ($4) and some poly-fil (buy one get one at Joann’s, $8).  I already had the zipper, muslin for the lining and of course my scraps.  For only $12 I have a big beautiful dog bed!

dog bed 4

I made a muslin lining which houses the stuffing, the fleece cover has a zipper so it can be taken off and washed often!

For the scrappy strip I used only the scraps from the super small scrap bag, cut them to the same height & squared them up.  Then I threw them all in a bag, choosing like a grab bag prize….no looking.  Whatever came out of the bag got sewn together.  All of those bright fun fabrics look really great together and I didn’t waste time planning the order.  I think it came out even better by doing it that way.

I intended to write-up a tutorial for this and post it on Sew Mama Sew’s October Scrap Buster Month Tutorial Contest but October has gotten away from me.  If anyone would still like me to post a tutorial, leave me a comment & I will keep it on my to do list.

****Edited: Tutorial can be found here.  ****

4 thoughts on “Scrappy Dog Bed

  1. Super fab! What lucky dogs. I look forward to making pretty dog beds for my big dogs as soon as the boy outgrows humping his…. may be a long wait.

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