Philanthropic Friday

Have I told you I’ve joined a real live, not online quilt guild?  Well, I have.  I am probably the youngest person there by two decades, it should be an interesting experience!

At the monthly meeting last weekend there were tons of things to sign up for, it was actually kind of overwhelming.  Anyway, they have a group, called Outreach, that gets together bimonthly and makes quilts for charity.

I picked up my quilt top kit and signed up for today’s meeting.  The fabrics are quite hideous.  I guess that’s what happens when they are donated, you get the cast offs.  The ladies cut the fabrics into six-inch squares and two-inch borders and print out a grid so you know what dimensions the quilt top needs to be, and they stuff it all in a bag.  You choose a bag to take home and sew up.  The finished quilt tops are brought back to the Outreach meetings and are sandwiched and tied.

The bag I chose at the guild meeting was a fish themed bag.

outreach fish 2

I sure wish I had a design wall, I think my layout would have been much more pleasing.  This is how it turned out.

outreach fish

Once the quilts are assembled they are donated to local police and fire departments, as well as hospitals, nursing homes,  and the Red Cross.  So far in 2009 about 100 quilts have been donated.

Now the part where you come in…

Do you know of any organization near you that does something similar?  If so, get involved!  If not, what’s stopping you from creating a lap quilt and donating it to a local organization?  Maybe you have some ‘what was I thinking’ fabric hiding in the back of your stash; get it out, sew it up and donate it!  (Makes room for better fabric & feels good!).  Maybe you have a bunch of scraps you don’t know what to do with.  Maybe you don’t have time to make a quilt, how about a pillow case?  Children in hospitals love a little color, people in nursing homes and long-term care love a little something to brighten up their rooms, and who doesn’t love something handmade?!

So get involved, donate some of your time, donate a lovingly handmade goodie that could make what someone else is going through a little brighter, a little more colorful!  Remember, it doesn’t have to be your best work, it’s the thought (with a little action thrown in) that counts.  Maybe you don’t sew but you’d like to get involved, contact a similar organization in your area, and maybe you could pick up the finished quilts and pillow cases and distribute them.

4 thoughts on “Philanthropic Friday

  1. I like your quilt. I think we are too judgemental about beauty because we are spoiled with having the best. At our guild we make community quilts with donated (ugly) fabric. But the smiles from the people who receive those quilts let you know they are not ugly at all.

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