Doll Quilt

Remember the doll quilt I started quite awhile ago?  Well I finished it tonight.

Doll Quilt

I decided this little quilt was a good size to try out a style of quilting that I’ve yet to try…..pebble quilting.


After a long time adjusting my thread and bobbin tensions I finally got everything working well.  Don’t worry I worked out all of the kinks on some scrap.  I had so many kinks that I had to rip out a bunch of the stitches from the scrap to make room for more practice stitches.  I would say I have to practice a lot more to be up to snuff, but I like how this little quilt with all of it’s little pebbles came out.


Pebble quilting uses an insane amount of thread!  I used almost 3 full bobbins for this quilt, which measures 17 x 18 1/2.  I love the texture from the tiny circles.  On the back it really looks great.


On the front, I’m not sure.  Since I made such tiny pebbles to be on the same scale as the quilt they kind of obscure the patterns of the fabrics, they distract from the fabric design a bit.

4 thoughts on “Doll Quilt

  1. Hi Neighbor! I am so hooked on trying this pebble quilting now. Thanks so much for showing pictures. I’ve stippling and wanting to branch out so this will be so much fun. Great work!

  2. how are you so talented?! i am addicted to your talent! i can’t wait to see everything new you come up with! i have made a few things for scout (pants, hats, etc)…but most of them she can’t leave the house in!!!

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