My Trip to Purl

purl 3

While in Manhattan recently I wondered around Soho and stopped at Purl & Purl Patchwork.

First stop Purl.

I am not much of a knitter.  My great-grandmother knit so much she would sit in her chair knitting, would doze off but her hands were still knitting and purling away!  I’ve tried to teach myself to knit without much success.  Whenever I try, the edges roll up so much my scarf becomes a rope!  Needless to say, I wasn’t in Purl for myself.

I went in to get birthday and Christmas gifts to send to BF’s mom who is currently in the Peace Corps.  She crocheted in the past and has recently taken it back up to pass some of her free time and keep her warm.  BF and I decided to buy her a crochet book and some yarn to keep her going.

purl yarn(This is what they helped me choose.)

The staff at Purl were so nice, so friendly, and very helpful to someone who didn’t have a clue about yarn or anything else in the store (me)!  Walking into the tiny, but bright, somehow airy shop and being greeted by the staff was sort of like walking into a friend’s home.  I had no clue and they were all so happy and knowledgable.

After I sat down and scoured through all of the crochet books available, finally choosing one with some help, I said I needed yarn.      “What kind of yarn?”, the nice male associate asked me.

“Blue,” I said.

So, I was asked all about what it would turn into, machine washable….and so on.  He recommended three sections and said, just touch them and see what you like.  I made my decisions mainly based on which color blue I liked best and which yarn was soft and cuddly.  A very informed decision as you can tell.

Finished at Purl, I walked just up the block to an equally airy, bright color filled tiny little shop, Purl Patchwork.  It was love at first sight!  Two walls filled with yards and yards of bright modern cottons.  Amy Butler’s new line Love, Heather Ross Far Far Away, tons of Echino and other Japanese fabrics!  I wanted EVERYTHING I saw.

purl 1

As expected, the Japanese fabrics were a bit pricey for me, though I did some.  The Heather Ross Far Far Away line was pricey too, but I really wanted the cute princesses.

The pile of fabrics on the cutting mat are what I took home.  I love them!!

So, if you are anywhere near Sullivan Street in Soho, go!  Go to Purl, go to Purl Patchwork, you will love their goodies and their staff!!!  They offer classes too.  If you can’t stop by Sullivan Street you can shop online!

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