New York Goodies


This week I went home.  If home is actually where the heart is, my heart is in Manhattan.  I love that place.  I love being at the center of the universe with access to anything and everything you could ask for right outside your door.  I love it all.

I blissfully spent my days strolling around the city, visiting museums, eating my favorite NY foods and meeting new people.

BF and I went to the IM Charity Party @SMX that I talked about in this Philanthropic Friday post.  I wore the dress I made last week.  It’s actually a long dress, but I pinned it up at the waistband to make it short.  After making this, I know I won’t be sewing up clothing anytime soon.  It frustrates me, a lot.  I met some cool people at the event, and got to hang out with some friends.  It was a great night & I’m glad the ticket price went to a great cause.


I visited the Guggenheim.  It was actually my first time there.  I have attempted to see the Guggenheim quite a few times, somehow it’s always on Thursdays.  They aren’t open on Thursdays!


The museum was filled with art by Kandinsky.  I am not someone who ‘gets’ art.  I look at paintings and say, ‘oh, that’s pretty, I like that’.  Listening to the free audio tour is really great because you get to hear super smart art people talk about the painting you are looking at and it sheds a whole new light on the piece.  Kandinsky’s work was something that the longer I looked at a piece more and more things popped out at me.  It was cool.

Also went to the Museum at FIT which is having an exhibit on fashion in politics.


BF and I took advantage of Bryant Park’s Fall Festival.  We had a picnic dinner and watched dance performances by Ailey II.

bryant park

I made sure I got my NY pizza, bacon, egg & cheese on a bagel and my rainbow cookies!  Those are definitely the foods I miss not living in New York anymore.

I didn’t seek out any Marshalls or TJMaxx for Munki Munki PJ’s though.  That’s one thing I said I wanted to do, but it fell to the bottom of my list.

Now I’m back to my reality.  Happy to be back to sewing.

2 thoughts on “New York Goodies

    • Yes, I’m a former New Yorker…one day I’ll be back. New York just got too expensive for us. I’m up in Massachusetts now, it’s where I grew up.
      Thanks for stopping by my little blog!

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