Munki Munki

Look what I scored at my local Marshalls…

Munki Munki 2

Munki Munki ice cream truck jammies!!  I bought the extra large to get as much fabric out of my $17 as I could.  I scoured the sleepwear racks for other patterns but they only had this one pattern this time around.

Munki Munki

The leg panels are about 36″ x 10″, so right there the pants are about a full yard of fabric. The back shirt panel is about 22″ x 28″, the two front shirt panels are about 22″ x 13″ and the sleeves are about 17″ x 6″ at the cuff. So for $17 I’d say that’s a great deal for super cute Munki Munki fabric.

I highly recommend getting down to your local Marshalls and TJMaxx stores and rummaging through the sleepwear racks. Heather Ross Munki Munki can be found, it’s not an urban myth!!


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