We All Have At Least One Disaster

I have to apologize, my posts have been few & far between.  I have been feeling like I haven’t accomplished anything new lately.  I feel like I’m showing you the same stuff over & over again and that’s lame.

In the finished category goes the 4 Patch 4 Patch Madras quilt.  I hated that quilt.  I was all wonky, and not intentionally good wonky, bad, very bad wonky.  The madras fabrics were so stretchy it was like everything was cut on the bias.  I cut a couple of the sashings the wrong size which contributed to the wonkiness.  I didn’t have enough of the purple fabric I was planning to use for the backing, so I ended up using plain old ugly muslin.  I messed up the pattern so on the top and the bottom it’s 1/2 4 patch 4 patch.  I stippled it instead of the diagonal lines I intended to do in hopes that the extra crinkling would hide some of the wonkiness.  It drove me nuts from start to finish and I’m so glad it is done and mailed off for the birthday boy, or I should say, birthday man.  It is a far cry from my best work, even my first quilt was WAY better than this one. I hate it, it’s over, I am moving on.


Madras 2

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