Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

Yesterday I received an e-mail from Boston Bazaar Bizarre, it read:

“Thank you so much for applying to the Boston Bazaar Bizarre. Unfortunately, we were unable to accept your application as a vendor this year.”

Boooooo Booooo Booooo BBB09! I was so looking forward to participating in what seems like a really cool craft fair.  I proceeded to wallow in self-doubt and pity but, today in honor of Patrick Swayze, my mind set is – ‘Nobody puts Baby in a corner!”.  So, I’m over it.  They obviously didn’t see the coolness and potential of Urban Crunch this year, but I know I have it, so there.

Today I hope to be uber productive!  Here’s my list:

1. Pick up some new velcro.  The velcro I was using on the coffee sleeves wasn’t that great.  I had to sew on the sticky side to even keep it on thus leaving my sewing machine all gummed up.

2. Churn out another 20 or so Sally Sleeves for Sturbridge Coffee House with the new, fabulous velcro. The girls there say they are a hit!  Everyone is loving the bright colors and the only colors left are the darker more somber colors.  Why was I avoiding going there for so long, thinking none of them would be sold?

3. Photograph my new fabrics upload and properly tag them on flickr.

4. Make a clutch to list on Etsy & Artfire.  It’s been awhile since I listed anything new.

5. Finish quilting the 4 Patch 4 Patch Madras Quilt and get that in the mail for a belated birthday gift.

6. Work on one Christmas order that includes this doll quilt.

7. Work on a requested sunglass case.

8. Clean up this war scene that was once a studio.

9. Tweet more!

10. Finish the Wonky Wedding Log Cabin Quilt and make a bag to give it in.

11.  Do some hand quilting on this quilt.

12. Start on a baby quilt for yet another big bellied friend.

Phew, I’m tired after just writing that all down!  Better get to work!!

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