Sleep is for Losers

This week I may be lacking in the blogging and twittering departments.  I have a couple of deadlines that I have to meet this week.

Tomorrow is the deadline for applying to Bazaar Bizarre in Boston. I have to send them 3 photos of my work to give the jury a good idea of my stuff.  I think my photos are so lame so I have enlisted my sister who is going to school for photography to take some pics tomorrow morning.  Hopefully we can get a few good shots to send off with my application and the wonderful folks at Bazaar Bizarre will love them and accept my application!  Then if I am accepted the busy week stretches into busy months because I will need tons of goodies for the show!

I have two larger orders I have to send out this week.  On has to be sent out Thursday and the other Friday.  I still have a lot of headway to make on each of those.  I also have to fill a small order on Friday.  I would also like to get the binding finished on my Wonky Wedding Log Cabin quilt by Friday because I will be seeing the bride on Saturday, it would be nice to be able to give it to her.

I also have to get to the coffee shop and check on my inventory there.  I have been avoiding going there for fear that none of them have been sold, but I’ve been told at least a couple have made it to good homes.

There is one more order in the pipeline that I have to get done.  They are needed for Christmas gifts so they don’t need to be ready right away but, I shouldn’t dilly dally on them either.

Oh! I have to get to the library tomorrow or my books and audiobooks will be overdue.

If you have been following me on twitter you know that last Friday my sewing machine decided to quit.  I took her apart tried to find the problem but I couldn’t.  I borrowed my aunt’s spare machine and tried to figure out how to work it, which didn’t work out.  In frustration I decided to see if my machine would work.  I guess all she needed was a little time off because now she’s sewing like there was never a problem!  Good news because I don’t know what I would have done if I couldn’t get at least one of the two working.

I almost forgot!  Here and here are links to photos of  what I gave a special birthday girl at her surprise 30th birthday party.  I hope to have this design in my shop next week.


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