It’s almost been a whole WEEK since I last posted!  I am such a blog slacker.

I finally took photos of and uploaded my fabrics to Flickr.  Now everyone can see all of the goodies I currently have!

I have made this doll quilt top:
Doll Quilt Top

It’s going to a little girl on Long Island from her Grandmother.

It is unwise for me to post this, but I’m going to do so against my better judgement.  It’s a surprise gift for a friend of mine and her baby, Scout. I hope she doesn’t happen to check out my blog before she gets it.

Wall Art

Wall art that can be framed and hung in Scout’s room.  It was inspired by this quilt.  I am just starting to dabble in embroidery.  I think the little birdie is so cute.

Wall Art Embroidery

I am also intrigued by Kanzashi, the Japanese traditional hair pieces.  I love the folded fabric flowers.  I haven’t been able to find too many sources with info about Kanzashi, just a few youtube videos, no books in my library system, one or two on Amazon.  I am thinking there must be another name for the art of folded fabric flowers.  Anyone have any ideas?  Here’s a petal I folded after watching this how-to on youtube.  The music is horrendous, and you can fast forward through the beginning, but she gives you the how-to for 2 basic petals.


I am thinking about becoming a vendor at Bazaar Bizarre in Boston this year and I’m wondering what you all think.  Bazaar Bizarre is a really cool craft fair that, as they say, is not your granny’s craft fair.  It was started in Boston in 2001 and since then has expanded to Cleveland, Austin, San Fransisco, and San Mateo.  It’s super cool, has tons of great vendors and the entrance fee is only $1.BAZAAR BIZARREImage from Bazaar Bizarre website.

Now the bad/scary parts.

1.There is a $200 vendor fee.  Having my crafting as my only source of income at the moment, that’s a lot of dough to plunk down.

2. Tons of uber fabulous vendors.  (Note the self-doubt rising)

3. Can I make enough stuff to supply my booth?  The Boston date is Dec 6th.

So, what do you think?  Should I bite the bullet and just hand over my two hundred buck-a-roos or not?  The deadline to sign up is Sept 9th, so I only have six days to decide.  HELP!!

Oh, I almost forgot!  I am having a sale in my ArtFire and Etsy Shops this weekend.  Starting today through Monday September 7th, 2009 please enjoy 15% off all items in my shop!  For ArtFire enter LABOR DAY, for Etsy enter WEEKEND DEALS in message to seller at check-out.

Happy Labor Day to my fellow Americans and Happy Weekend to those of you living in other fabulous places!

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