Sunday Stash #1

Hi all!

I am a busy beaver these days, but that hasn’t stopped me from binging at fabric stores.  Seriously, I need to be put on austerity!  It’s so hard to say, ‘oh, I don’t need that, I have tons of great stuff at home’.  So here’s a peek at some of the goodies I have purchased recently.Sunday Stash

Also, all of you quilters out there with iPhones listen up!  Did you know there is a free fabric calculator app available on the Apple App Store?!  Well, there is.  It’s called QuiltFab by Mary Kay Podlecki and it will help you figure out how much fabric you need for blocks, borders, sashing, & even binding.  It’s really super cool & now you don’t have to waste tons of cash on that fabric calculator you’ve had your eyes on; spend it on fabric instead.  So, when you’re out and about quilt shop hopping & you need to figure out how much of that super fab print to buy, just whip out your iPhone & figure it out!

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