Coffee Sleeves


Sleep evaded me Thursday night.  It was as if I had imbibed copious amounts of coffee, or maybe it was the yummy chemicals surging through me as a result of my first Etsy sale, after all it was wicked exciting for me.  Needless to say, I needed to pour that energy into something, and out came these fab coffee sleeves.

Call them what you like, coffee sleeves, java jacket, coffee cozy, coffee coat, coffee wrap, coffee cuff, sally sleeves (as their cardboard counterparts are known at the local coffee shop), but they are way better than those disposable cardboard versions.  Not only are they more eco-friendly, but they are way cuter!

This one has a tiny pocket for your coffee cash and a key chain clip.  Clip your keys on and you have everything you need on your way to work.  Plus, pink & orange?  I love that combo.

Coffee Sleeve

I used micro-velcro for closures because it’s quick & easy to wrap around your choice bevvie.  Micro-velcro is the best because the hooks aren’t rough, they don’t scratch your skin.

Coffee Sleeve

When your coffee cuff isn’t snuggled around your favorite caffeinated drink, you can wear it as a wrist cuff.  They kind of make me want to pose like a super hero, a la Wonder Women. No, you won’t be seeing a photo of that!

Coffee Sleeve

The green Amy Butler and the pink Patty Young are available in my Etsy shop.

I may have exciting news about these coffee sleeves soon…Stay tuned!!  See this post for the news.

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