A departure from sewing and talking about fantastic charitable organizations for a travel post filled with photos. Yay!

Just got back from Acadia National Park in Maine!  I had an amazing weekend there exploring the park & sleeping outside.  If you have the chance Acadia is a wonderful place to visit.  The rocky cliffs that plunge toward the ocean, the carriage roads with beautiful stone bridges, the sparkling lakes, the light strolling walks through the wilderness & the precarious precipice hikes, and let’s not forget Cadillac Mountain.  It’s pink, a pink Cadillac!

BF & I stayed at Bar Harbor Campground. I totally recommend it if your looking for a campground in the area.  It’s really close to downtown Bar Harbor and even closer to the park (even has free wifi, had I known I would have brought the laptop).  The campground has beautiful oceanviews, and if you are lucky enough you may even get one of the precious campsites overlooking the ocean and the fields of wild blueberries.  There were so many wild blueberries BF & I came home with over 6 cups!

Everything was perfect those three days.  Well…as long as you forget that we left our pillows at home, nearly froze to death the first night, forgot shampoo & had to use bar soap to wash our hair, and that I dropped my sunglasses in a public toilet, everything was perfect.  (Don’t worry, I threw them out.)

Here are a few photos of our trip! (A few? Who am I kidding? A lot, because I can’t ever stop at 1 or 2.)Frenchman's BayFrenchman’s Bay from the top of Cadillac Mountain.  The highest point on the Atlantic Ocean north of Brazil.

Pink Granite BrainThe pink granite of Cadillac Mountain.  Doesn’t it look like a human brain?! So cool.

Tide PoolPink Tide PoolCool stuff we found in tide pools inside a huge cave carved out of the rocky cliffs.  I think pink may be a theme here.

Cool Tree StuffReally pretty stuff on tree branches.  I don’t know what it is, but it looks nice.

Blueberries by the SeaBlueberry fields at our campground with views of the ocean!

BubblesBubbles as they are known.  Or something more augmented perhaps? Yes, I went there & yes, I think I’m funny.

The water was unbelievably clear!

Throw 'er inBF put the camera on a timer, set it on the rock & came loping toward me plopping down quickly so as not to become a streak of gray in an otherwise beautiful photo.  In doing so, nearly knocked me into the do-not-swim-in-public-water-supply-pond!  Hence the silly grins on our faces. – ‘Whoa, that was close!’

Please pay no attention to the elderly, can’t see a thing glasses on my face.  I swear I don’t often wear them.  I had the unfortunate feeling I should visit an optometrist once in my life, you know before the age of 80.  It’s good for you, you know.  And the loony bin told me I didn’t have perfect vision & I could use glasses for distances/driving at night.  The nerve!  The reason I am wearing them here is the night before at the top of a mountain a park ranger made me feel bad about myself.  There were telescopes and sparkly stars…’as most of you can see with your bare eyes, if you look closely there are actually two stars there’.  Me: I can barely see the one.  With my night-driving-distance glasses tucked safely away in the trunk of the car I felt a little old & didn’t put up much of a fight when BF suggested we leave before the rangers were through.  After all, I couldn’t see anyway.  So the next day I thought, ‘Well, I can’t see, maybe I should wear my glasses.  You know, in case we run in to a park ranger who asks us to take a look at something incredible.’ Or something like that…

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