Lately I’ve been thinking about expanding my little blog world and making some fellow crafty blogger friends.  In searching for blogs I may like to read, I came across this little gem, Looking In.  It seems Sarah is a crafty, foodie, rural urbanite much like myself!  This post is what got me, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day? Could this be real?!  I promptly retrieved this book from the shelves of my local library and dove in.  I can’t wait to try out my first loaf, they look so delicious!  I look forward to reading about Sarah’s crafty endeavors and delicious foodie treats.

BF’s mom has volunteered for the Peace Corps and is currently in Western Europe learning, teaching & blogging.  It’s an amazing thing she is doing at a time in her life when many people would never think of doing such a thing.  You can follow her inspirational blog here.  It may not be crafty, but it’s a great blog.

Another blog on my radar is Oh, Fransson! Oh, Fransson! is written by Elizabeth Hartman and is the inspiration for a quilt in progress of mine.  I’m making a four patch four patch madras quilt for a September birthday gift which was inspired by this quilt.  MadrasI probably wouldn’t have thought to use madras for a quilt before her post, which is great because the lucky recipient loves madras shorts/pants (I think it might be a familial thing).  Elizabeth also has a great tutorial on free motion quilting you should check out.

Red Pepper Quilts has some great quilts using amazing fabrics and colors.

Handmade by Alissa is another great blog.  I used her Sparks Baby Quilt tutorial to make the still in progress baby quilt for my friends Emily & Brian.O' Baby I used different measurements for the blocks and didn’t use sashing, but Alissa’s tutorial was a great inspiration.

Ashley at Film in the Fridge has some great stuff.

Lauren of My Aunt June uses great colors for her projects, they just seem so earthy to me.  She also has links to a lot of great blogs.

Well, this post is getting long enough.  I know, I always have super long posts. I can’t help it!

I’ve noticed looking through all of these great blogs that many of them are connected with Sew Mama Sew.  Maybe one day I’ll get the courage to be a part of that site but it’s just so intimidating!  I also think I would really enjoy a quilting bee or sew along.  I’m not quite sure how to get myself into one of those.  Suggestions are welcome!

I hope you enjoy looking at the great work these ladies do.  If I’m half as talented as any of them I’ll be happy.

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