New Fabric

FabricLast weekend BF and I were a little late to the birthday BBQ.  When it comes to personal things I am always late, work and professional stuff is a totally different story.  (I really don’t like being on time if I will only know one or two people.)  I don’t know why I rebel against being on time when it comes to my friends and loved ones.  Maybe I secretly know that they love me already and they’ll deal with my rudeness even if they hate it.  Horrible of me, I know.  We were late because I took my sweet time getting ready, hoping the mail woman would come before we left with a package full of goodies for me.  Guess what?! She did!  New fabric from eQuilter.

I like that eQuilter has a pretty good selection of fabrics that are my style and I love that they donate money to charities with every purchase, but I hate that they make money off of the shipping costs.  Listen eQuilter, I know how much a flat rate USPS envelope costs to ship; it’s $4.95, not the $7.50 you charged me!  That’s $2.55 that you make on shipping and I don’t think that’s right.  I would much rather pay a few cents more per yard than to know that you are making money off of the shipping.  Okay, that’s off my chest. ::End Rant::  PS If you would like to see some of the fabrics I have my eye on in their shop my wish list is public.  Just enter my email address: urbancrunchies at gmail dot com.

I know you are patiently waiting to see the goods so, this is what I got. (From top to bottom in the above iPhone photo taken in the car.)  Lots of photos as usual.

Midwest Modern MartiniMidwest Modern 2 Martini in Blush from Amy Butler

IMG_0461Gothic Arch in Pink from Patty Young for Michael Miller which I’ve already lined this cute canvas bag with. (Michael Miller Fabrics has a bunch of really cute stuff, check it out if you haven’t seen it.)

Arcadia SimplicityArcadia Simplicity in Bark from Sanae for Moda – I love this print!

WildwoodWildwood in lime from Erin McMorris for Free Spirit (The color in this photo is a bit off, it’s grey with bright lime green.)

Mendocino Under Water SistersMendocino Under Water Sisters in cream from Heather Ross for Free Spirit

Walk in the WoodsWalk in the Woods in Feather from Lizzie House for Andover (Inspired by a walk through a forest in Europe.)

Flights of Fancy CobblestonesFlights of Fancy Cobblestone in Ocean from Paula Prass for Michael Miller

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